Marijuana Medicine and The Misperceptions of Safety

Were you aware that September is National Substance Abuse Recovery month? At our facility for alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh, NC, we recognize how tough recovery can be for you and your loved ones. Being an addict affects everyone around you, even your kids, so we wanted to share some news on the misconceptions of safety surrounding medical marijuana.

The legalization and decriminalization of marijuana is a hot debate that has been sweeping across the nation. It seems this topic is always in the news. You'll see it on TV and in the newspapers and magazines. Over the past few years there has been more and more acceptance of the term "medical marijuana". With all of this attention, it might be influencing how our teenagers are perceiving the drug as being harmless. Recent research has found that more and more high school seniors are using marijuana on both a monthly and daily basis. This research has proven that as the nation's high school seniors’ perception of marijuana’s risks decreases, their consumption of marijuana increases; and vice versa.

Are Marijuana Plants FDA Approved Medicine?drug rehab in raleigh

No, they are not. The FDA requires carefully conducted studies, in large numbers of patients, to determine if a medication is legal and safe for the public to use. Patient trials have to consist of hundreds to thousands of different subjects to test and there have not been enough large-scale clinical trials that report any benefits of the marijuana plant compared to the specific cannabinoids.

There are also several known safety concerns of cannabis. These include trouble with short term memory loss and impairment of judgment and decision making. Marijuana can also have negative effects on a person's mood. These effects come across as severe anxiety and even extreme cases of paranoia. In especially high doses, marijuana can even cause hallucinations. Marijuana also slows reaction time and motor coordination. Impairing these functions can be dangerous, more so if driving a car or operating heavy machinery. Marijuana smoking might also contribute to lung cancers as well as worsen preexisting respiratory issues like bronchitis. These factors may increase if the marijuana is paired with heavy tobacco use. Marijuana can also be addictive. About nine percent of people who try marijuana become addicted to the drug. This number increases if the users start using the drug during the teenage years.

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