Marijuana Can Cause Hay Fever and Other Allergies

drug rehab in Asheville NCMany people think that marijuana is a drug that can be used without consequence. Aside from the various medical issues it can cause, it's been found that pot can also cause hay fever and other allergy problems in those that use it. If you have a marijuana addiction and need drug rehab in Asheville NC, please call Legacy Freedom for free information.

In a study review published in March 2015 in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, allergy and immunology researchers from San Antonio’s Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center analyzed existing evidence on the possible role of marijuana/cannabis use in triggering allergic reactions. These researchers found that there is substantial evidence for the drug as a source of relatively mild allergy symptoms and relatively severe or even life-threatening allergy symptoms.

These allergic reactions can cause problems for the lungs, throat, heart and more. You might be wondering why marijuana is causing allergy issues. As most of us know, pot is a plant that grows in nature. Just like grass or trees, it pollinates.

According to, researchers did a few studies on various pot users. The website also states that "Out of 78 patients who were randomly tested for allergic rhinitis and/or asthma symptoms during the cannabis pollination period, 22 claimed respiratory symptoms in the July-September period. The findings suggest that cannabis could be a clinically important aeroallergen for certain patients. Exposure to the plant can lead to allergic reactions to other plants, specifically foods. This is known as the “cannabis-fruits/vegetables” syndrome which is said to involve a protein labelled Can s 3. This syndrome is supported by a 2013 study that found there is a lipid transfer protein (LTP) in cannabis sativa that shares cross-reactivity with a number of different foods.

For those that have never used marijuana, this is something to think about. This is especially true for those that suffer from environmental allergies. It's possible a reaction could occur. This is also something to talk to our teens and young adults about, as well. Sometimes, knowing there is a serious, life-threatening consequence to using a drug could help them find the courage to say no when faced with a situation where they are offered them pot.

For most, it shouldn't be worth the risk of an allergic reaction. As we mentioned above, those that have allergies to other plants should be extremely careful. For those that were skin pricked for allergy symptoms (540 adults in one study), only 5 percent of participants in the study that didn't smoke marijuana showed up with no allergy symptoms.

A whopping 14.5 percent, however, did smoke marijuana. Those people showed a significant amount of allergy symptoms when skin pricked. Individuals that smoked marijuana regularly - 18.2 percent of participants, had an alarming rate of symptoms.

This means that habitual users should be more careful and consider quitting marijuana, altogether. Respiratory issues are serious and those that want to maintain a healthy  life shouldn't continue to subject themselves to these allergy symptoms.

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