Manaing Your Time While in Addiction Recovery

Time in Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Asheville NCA great deal of time is often devoted to addiction recovery by addicts who have struggled through the years to stay sober. Even after help from a drug treatment center, recovery ventures are time consuming, emotional and require dedication. Unfortunately, there's quite a bit of downtime while getting help from a drug and alcohol treatment center in Asheville NC, as well. Times that lead us to boredom and occasionally, thoughts of using drugs again. That's why managing your time while in Asheville addiction recovery is key.

There are several ways to manage your time with strategies that will help you control your actions and activities. These strategies will keep you on the right path to a healthy drug-free life, as well as, eliminate triggers along the way.

You learned many tactics in drug treatment that help you avoid triggers, cope with stress and sadness. Now, it's time to learn how to manage your time. The tips below will help you!

Create a schedule that balances personal and professional activities so that you don't get burned out on either. Constantly working can cause you to stress and, in turn, cause a relapse. Making sure your day is planned out with a nice balance of work, fun, exercise and relaxation can help you manage your time better.

Stay occupied with a schedule that might look similar to the following:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Go to work
  • Take a walk or jog
  • Cook dinner
  • Take another walk for relaxation
  • Meet friends for game night
  • Read a book or take a bath before bed

Negative emotions will arise during recovery. Keeping a well balanced schedule of a little bit of everything positive will help to fight those emotions.

Utilizing a planner is a great way to manage your time, as well. In the age of smartphones, this should be easier than ever. Some prefer to write their daily activities down, but most use calendars found on their phones. You can even sync the calendar to your PC or laptop.

Writing or typing your daily activities each day offers a visual guidance that many are more likely to follow. If anything, it at least offers motivation to do a few things on the list. Fill the calendar with an activity for each hour that you're not working. Even when you are working, use the planner to make notes about meetings, deadlines and other things as a reminder to keep yourself in the habit of using it.

Making a daily to-do list is also a great way to fill in moments when you're worried there might not be enough to do in the day. Things like taking out the trash, washing the sheets, and other small jobs might seem minute, but they'll be appreciated during a time that you're bored and thinking about using drugs. Prioritize the list of things to do from most important to least. As you move through the day, mark things off the list as you do them. Not only will you fill blank spaces in your day, you'll also accomplish more than you normally do during a day!

Time And Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Asheville NC

Managing your time during addiction recovery is important for those that want to continue down the path to a healthy lifestyle. We hope these tips help you plan your day and eliminate stress or other emotions that might trigger a relapse. If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, please call our drug and alcohol treatment center in Asheville NC today to get help.

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