Managing Anxiety and Stress at Work

Mental Health Facilities in Columbus, OHWhether the commute to the office puts you on edge or you're up against a tough deadline, stress and anxiety at work can be a challenge. Finding new ways to manage and overcome your anxiety or stress at work can help keep you feeling focused during your nine to five and make you more productive. Often people will begin to wonder whether the job is causing the symptoms of anxiety or if they indeed are experiencing trouble with an anxiety disorder. In this post, we will help you understand how to know if it's you or the job and offer some tips on how to cope with feelings of stress and anxiety while you work. If you're in need of mental health facilities in Columbus, OH, call Legacy Freedom for help.

Meeting a strict deadline or preparing to give a major presentation to colleagues or clients can be more than enough stress to trigger a panic attack. Some people are naturally more prone to being anxious or sensitive to stress, but a New Zealand study showed that one in ten men and one in seven women who had never had a mental health concern before reported high levels of anxiety that were directly attributable to workplace stress. What causes these workers to go from no concerns at all to severe anxiety levels? Researchers believe that there are some contributing factors.

These factors include:

  • Feelings of Fairness - Employees who feel that they are being treated fairly at work by their supervisor report feeling less stressed and anxious about their job performance and feel greater satisfaction on their jobs. Supervisors who are transparent and offer frequent feedback allow feelings of honesty, respect, dignity and equal treatment to develop. However, when a supervisor who is not supportive or transparent enters the mix, employees report feeling undervalued, taken advantage of, stressed and anxious.
  • Poor Coworker Relationships - Workers who have a good rapport with their coworkers experience less stress and anxiety while on the clock. A recent study suggests that workers who experience stress or anxiety while on the job say it impacts their relationships with their colleagues about 51 percent of the time.
  • Deadline Doom - That big presentation or report that you are working on can pack a hard punch when it comes to your self-assuredness and creating new feelings of anxiety. When asked, employees said that deadline pressures contributed to 55 percent of their workplace stress.

It should come as no surprise then that these anxieties from the day are likely to carry over to home and relationships there as well. Spouses and children of those who are in high stress or high anxiety environments all day report noticing behavioral changes in their loved one as a result. These include avoiding family events, becoming easily agitated and allowing social relationships to fizzle.

Overcoming the stress at work can be a challenge. Many employees find that they feel compelled to change jobs, while others manage the stress and anxiety by talking with a mental health professional, spending time with family or friends, sleeping, or eating more. If you, or someone you love, are struggling with anxiety issues as a result of work stress, Legacy Freedom of Columbus can help.

Mental Health Facilities in Columbus, OH You Can Trust

Our holistic approach to mental health care helps you identify the underlying cause of your anxiety and learn new ways to cope and manage your stress. Breaking the stress/anxiety cycle is crucial to taking away the power your anxiety has over you and putting you in control.

Using traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies, Legacy Freedom has helped hundreds of clients overcome their anxiety and given them the freedom to be themselves again. Call or click to connect with one of the best mental health facilities in Columbus, OH!

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