Making Friends the Right Way While in Rehab

alcohol rehab wilmington NCMaking friends while in rehab is a common occurrence. When people are put in difficult situations it’s natural for them to want to find someone that can relate. There is nothing wrong with making friends in rehab unless your program specifically prohibits it. In fact, it can be beneficial to some people.

Friends can offer support and understanding. Friends can also be there to help you relax and unwind. If you used to turn to drugs or alcohol to have a good time, you will need a new way of doing it. Talking and laughing with a friend can help.

If you entered rehab knowing that you lost your old friends because you don’t want to drink or do drugs anymore, you may feel the need to make new friends. They could end up being people you will hang out with after treatment is over. It can be helpful to have sober friends once you re-enter your life again. Keep reading to learn more. Do you need drug and alcohol rehab Wilmington NC services this year? If so, call Legacy Freedom today!

How to Make Friends in Rehab the Right Way

Humans are social animals, so the need to have friends is completely natural and has many benefits. They can offer emotional support during this difficult time. Since they are going through rehab with you, they can offer support in a different way than family and old friends because he or she is going through the same thing. You and your friend in rehab can help each other get through the program.

Legacy Freedom of Wilmington offers some of the best, most personalized treatment options around.  We understand that everyone is different, so we have both traditional and alternative drug and alcohol rehab Wilmington NC services. We have a trained staff of admissions counselors waiting to talk to you to customize your plan today. Give us a call because it is always the right time to get clean from drugs and alcohol.

Keep in mind that when you are in rehab, you may be more vulnerable than usual. You may feel out of place and uncertain about what will happen. You may be more emotional than before because you may have used alcohol or drugs to numb yourself in the past.

While there is nothing wrong with opening up and being vulnerable, especially as part of therapy, you may want to set boundaries with new friends in order to keep yourself from getting hurt. There are people who will take advantage of someone they see as weak.

Being in rehab can cause a lot of loneliness as well, which can also make you vulnerable. It can be a relapse trigger than may make you want to turn to drugs or alcohol again. Having someone to confide in during rehab that is not a counselor or doctor can help with feelings of loneliness.

The disadvantages of making friends in recovery are few.  They can, however, be harmful and put your sobriety at risk, so we want to offer a few suggestions on how to make friends the right way while in rehab and why it can be important.

People with addiction problems often have problems with anxiety that may have caused them to use substances in social situations. Not having that crutch can make it seem impossible to make friends, but this is a good time to try to talk to people without being under the influence. The situations in rehab can serve as a practice for when you are back in the world and want to make friends or find a new social circle.

alcohol rehab wilmington NCIt is important to be yourself in rehab. If you begin to act differently or pretend to be someone you are not, then it’s an act you will have to keep up throughout the program. It can be exhausting, and it can affect your recovery.  If you have issues with self-esteem and confidence, talk with your therapist, either alone or in group sessions, to try to work through the issues. Often they relate to why you turned to drinking or using drugs in the first place.

Addiction can make people become selfish and self-serving because they become obsessed with their substance of choice and spend most of their time seeking it or using it. This can make a person forget how to be a friend to another person. Making friends in rehab can help you learn how to have a healthy relationship with someone again.

As rehab winds downs and you prepare to go back to your life again, having a friend from rehab can help make the transition easier, especially if he or she is also finished with treatment. Having a support system is a key factor in a successful recovery, and having someone you knew “from the inside” can help.

Friendships you develop while you are sober can become more meaningful and run deeper than that friends you may have made when you were drinking or doing drugs. Many times the only thing you had in common with friends you made when you were not sober was partying, drinking or doing drugs. After rehab those things will not be a part of your life, so those friendships will likely fall apart.

Leaving rehab with a friend or two that has gone through the same experience and who is also now learning to navigate life as a sober person can help you in recovery.

But remember that no one is perfect, and even a friend from rehab can make mistakes. If you feel you started a relationship with someone that is a bad influence or demands too much from you, don’t be afraid to break it off. Making friends the right way in rehab means you gain valuable relationships that lift you up rather than dragging you down. You don’t want to replace the weight of drugs and alcohol with the weight of someone that doesn’t add value to your life.

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