Loving an Addict Without Enabling Their Addiction

Drug Treatment In Columbus OHRelationships are always hard, but probably one of the hardest relationships is one in which you are involved with someone who has a substance abuse problem. You may find yourself always wanting to help the ones that you love, but that can come at a cost. The problem is that when you are trying to help too much, you often enable the addict. If you love someone who is struggling with addiction there are some things that you can do to help that won't enable their addiction. This blog post will look at some ways to understand and identify the difference between helping versus enabling your loved one. For reliable outpatient drug treatment in Columbus OH, know that Legacy Freedom can help. Call us today to learn more.

To help you understand what it means to enable someone with your actions let's look at the things that will can enable an addict.

  • Giving them money
  • Providing food
  • Providing shelter
  • Helping to make excuses for bad choices
  • Lying for them
  • Providing legal counsel when they get into trouble

Wanting to help your loved one no matter what is normal. The problem is that you can help them in their addiction by doing everything you can for them. You may feel that you are showing your love for them, but what many people fail to understand is that you can help them more by saying out loud what the issues are and holding them accountable for the things that they are doing.

Truly loving an addict means you must find ways to help them that do not enable them. Sometimes this can come in the form of an intervention. Intervention is when you confront the problem with the individual. This is usually done with one or more people who love and support the individual. It is hard to confront a loved one and it makes many people uncomfortable. However, in order to help them find the help they need, it is often necessary to do this type of confrontation. If you're enabling or love an addict, get them help with Legacy Freedom. We offer customized drug treatment in Columbus OH.

Remember that this is not a blame game, but it is done with love for the individual. This intervention forces all involved to be completely honest with the one that they love about the addiction. Keep in mind that this confrontation or intervention is not always easy for everyone involved. Remember that you are trying to help them get the help that they need.

There are some things to remember as you work toward helping your loved one with their substance abuse issues. The first is to always remember that you cannot fix them or their problems. Your loved one is the only one who is responsible for what they do. You are simply helping them to find the help that they need. The second thing is to set some rules and the proper boundaries for them. These rules and boundaries must be made very clear. An example would be if they continue to abuse whatever the substance is, then they will have to find a new living arrangement. If alcohol is the problem, then continuing to drink and cause issues will have a direct consequence. The hardest thing will be to stick to whatever the boundary is. Third, you must not live in constant worry or fear about what is going to happen to this person you love if you are not helping. It's never easy to watch someone deal with the problems that their actions have caused but sometimes this will be the only way they will agree there is a problem.

You must always remember to take care of yourself when you are in the middle of trying to help and get them the help they need. It is very easy to neglect your own self-care or your own healthy living because you become so involved in helping the addict. Help your loved ones kick addiction with Legacy Freedom's alternative drug treatment in Columbus OH. Call now to learn more.

Always remember that just because you are forcing them to deal with their addiction that does not mean you do not love them. It also does not mean that you are not going to help in all the ways you can. Instead you are requiring them to turn their attention to getting the help that they need on their own. You will be there to support them on their recovery journey but make it clear you will not continue to enable them.

Once a addict is in the right treatment program they will need all of the love and support they can get. The road to recovery is not an easy one and you will likely need to be patient. Loving someone who has a substance abuse problem can make for a tumultuous relationship. You can help them without enabling them or allowing your own health to suffer.

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Our team at Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers of Columbus truly cares about you. We understand how difficult this can be for anyone who has struggled with addiction. At our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, we focus on the patient’s well-being, always working to determine what triggers use and what we can do to help. Put your trust in us and we’ll help you get on the right path to recovery with drug treatment in Columbus OH you can depend on.

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