Is a Loved One Drinking Too Much? Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Columbus News

Do you have a loved one who is drinking too much? Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Columbus

At Legacy Freedom, we are the experts for alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus, OH. We know that there are some readers out there with questions, right now, wondering if their loved one has a drinking problem. It can be hard to ask for help. You might also feel that it is embarrassing, so some of you will continue to sit back and take the abuse because you do not really know what to do. October Is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month so here are some questions to ask yourself that may indicate one of your loved ones might have a drinking problem. These include:

  • Have you noticed your loved one drinking more often, or consuming more? How about drinking in the morning?
  • Do you see any changes in their appearance? Does your loved one smell of alcohol? What about bloodshot eyes or unexplained bruises?
  • Have you witnessed any changes in personality? What about any sleeping problems or out of the blue mood swings? Any noticeable memory loss?
  • Are there any sudden changes to their health? Watch for shaky hands, frequent hangovers, and chronic digestive problems.

Help Your Loved Onesalcohol and drug rehab in columbus

If you think your loved one might have a drinking problem, that does not necessarily mean that they are an alcoholic. They might just need to cut down on their drinking and not abstain all together. Drinking in moderation can be an ideal way to find common ground and reduce consumption to moderate to low levels. At least trying this approach first will gauge whether or not you need to seek alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus, OH or wherever your home is located.


Here are a list of things that you should remember to do when trying to help your loved one deal with a drinking problem. First, make sure you remain calm, unemotional and honest. Tell this person exactly how their alcohol abuse is hurting you and other family members. Be sure you discuss this problem with someone you trust. It can be a friend, your pastor, a social worker, or a professional from our facility for alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus. If you have kids, try to maintain a normal atmosphere around the home. Encourage new things and outside family activities. Also encourage the problem drinker to see old friends in non-drinking environments. Most of all, be patient. You will need to take a one day at a time approach. Understand that there might be a setback, or relapse, so try to accept them with calm understanding. Try not to be to discouraged.


There are also behaviors that you can engage in that are detrimental to the goal of getting your loved one to stop, or cut back on the drinking. First, do not sit and drink with the person with the problem. Avoid arguing with them when they are wasted. Do not make excuses for their drinking or cover up their alcohol related mistakes. Try not to make the abuser feel guilty. This can increase their desire to consume alcohol.

Remember that changing the behavior of an abuser can be difficult so you will need to be levelheaded through the entire process. If you need help, we offer the best in alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus, OH. Call us today if you are ready to take the next step toward sobriety.

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