Love and Substance Abuse

Raleigh Drug RehabTrying to overcome one addiction is difficult, but when you combine multiple addictions that feed off of each other, unraveling the hold that each has on an individual can be difficult. For those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs, being a sex or love addict as well can pose multiple challenges to the recovery process. More often than not, addicts who are married find themselves having multiple relationships behind their spouse's back. The addiction to sex or love is fueled by drinking or taking drugs. The substance abuse occurs as a result of their infidelity and lying. A vicious cycle of co-occurring addictions makes interrupting the patterns of behavior for the addict crucial for recovery. The addict isn't the only one who suffers in this equation. Being the spouse of a drug addict who has a co-occurring sex or love addiction can be emotionally, mentally, and financially draining. For substance abuse treatment you can trust, call Legacy Freedom and ask about outpatient programs for Raleigh drug rehab.

Couples who are facing co-occurring addictions have a difficult time breaking the downward spiral they find themselves in. As a result, the addict will continue to pursue their next sexual partner or their next high as a means of escape. Their spouse may be desperate to save the marriage or the relationship and will suggest counseling or treatment of some kind. These suggestions become the catalyst for arguments and fights. With the home environment feeling hostile and full of conflict, the addict will choose to escape into a new relationship or into a binge of drinking or using drugs. Both the addict and their partner are unhappy, and this unhappiness feeds the cycle of both addictions.

At Legacy Freedom of Raleigh, we know the struggle that addicts and their partners face can seem overwhelming and hopeless. Our treatment program has helped thousands of clients break their unhealthy addictions to sex, love, drugs, and alcohol. In order to take stock of your relationship and determine whether or not it can be saved, the cycle of addiction and co-addiction must be broken. Through a holistic approach to substance abuse and addiction, we can create a treatment program tailored to your specific needs and addictions.

Each client that enters our treatment program is assigned a Life-Purpose coach to help them evaluate where their passions and motivations in life lie. Addiction, in any form, reduces your life to focusing on the next hit or the next drink or the next sexual partner, robbing you of your goals, passions, and purpose. At Legacy Freedom, we combine traditional talk therapy in both one-on-one and group settings with alternative treatment methods. We believe in treating the whole person, not just your addictions.

Raleigh Drug Rehab You Can Trust

Focusing on the root of your addiction is essential for recovery. Together with your therapist, you will discover why you choose to abuse drugs or alcohol. During this process, your care team will help you learn positive ways to cope with the negative feelings that have made you turn to drugs or alcohol. Co-occurring addictions, like sex and love addiction, also have deep roots that will need to be addressed in these one-on-one sessions. Understanding the feelings that motivate your behaviors is crucial. Group therapy is a key component of your recovery program at Legacy Freedom. While we are not a 12 step program, we do believe that connecting with your peers and finding understanding and support from them is crucial to your recovery. We also encourage family members, friends, and loved ones to be involved in your recovery when appropriate.

More than ten different types of alternative Raleigh drug rehab programs are available through Legacy Freedom. Many of these therapies help recovering addicts become mindful of their thoughts and feelings. Other treatments help address issues that may contribute to your addictive behaviors like abuse, neglect, assault, or low self-esteem. Our clients have access to inner child therapy, EMDR, aromatherapy, equine-assisted therapy, tai chi and more. Your Life-Purpose coach and your care team will help you choose the right therapy mix for you. Our staff also includes an onsite physical therapist and dietician to help you heal and nourish your body throughout your recovery. Excessive partying, unsafe behaviors and poor lifestyle choices can leave you feeling depleted and sluggish. Restoring your health and vigor is essential to your recovery.

If your drug of choice is opiates, our treatment center is able to offer suboxone therapy in conjunction with our holistic addiction recovery programs. We understand that breaking the grip of these powerful drugs is a struggle. Suboxone therapy makes transitioning away from opioids less challenging and allows you to focus on your recovery efforts. We want to see you reach your sobriety goals.

Substance abuse and infidelity can tear apart a relationship. Domestic violence episodes, frequent fights, and co-dependent or enabling behaviors are all part of the destructive mix in your relationship with an addicted spouse or partner. While getting sober and working on the underlying causes of their addiction is not guaranteed to stop the fighting, getting sober is a starting point. Many couples find that even though they are sober, the relationship is not able to be repaired. However, without sobriety, the likelihood of the relationship remaining intact is very low.

Stop feeding the cycle of addiction with your partner or spouse and encourage them to seek help with Legacy Freedom. Getting started with treatment for your addictions is as easy as calling our treatment facility or chatting with our care team. We are not here to judge. No matter how many times you have tried to get sober or how bad you believe your addiction is, we can help.

What are you waiting for? Your journey to a sober and purpose-filled life begins today with Legacy Freedom's number one Raleigh drug rehab services!


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