Are You Living in a Former Meth Lab?

Columbus OH Drug RehabBuying a new home in a great neighborhood is every family's dream. Jaimee Alkinani and her husband found their dream in a quiet suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. Their new three bedroom home was located in a great neighborhood where their children would be able to ride bikes on a tree lined street. Their neighbors were friendly and it seemed an ideal place for a first home.  The couple had also opened a new business close to home. They had one child 11 months old and a new baby on the way. Life seemed almost perfect, but then things started to go terribly wrong. Are you in need of Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol treatment? Please call Legacy Freedom today so that you can learn more about our outpatient treatment programs. We can help you beat your addiction problems.

Shortly after moving in to their new home a neighbor came to them with some upsetting news. He told them that their new home had actually been a meth lab. This was something that the seller of the home had not disclosed to them. When they called the realtor he was quick to reassure them saying that the home had been decontaminated. A certificate from the health department was produced proving this had taken place. He said there was nothing for them to worry about.

Five months later the family began to get sick. Jaimee and her husband required surgeries for sinus problems. The baby was born and had serious lung issues right form the start. He actually stopped breathing a couple of times. Afterwards he did not gain weight and had to be hospitalized several times.

As a result the Alkinanis family decided to have the home tested for methamphetamine. When Jaimee received the results of the testing she quickly put her children in the car and left their home taking no possessions with them at all. The tests showed the amount of methamphetamine in their home to be 63 times higher than the level it takes for the Utah Department of Health to condemn a home.

Serious health issues are a direct result of homes that have been used as a meth lab or a meth house. People who move into one of these homes will have short term health issues that include migraines and respiratory issues to skin irritations and burns. The longer term issues are not as well known, but a 2009 study in Toxicological Sciences suggests that methamphetamine chemicals may cause cancer in humans. The toxins from cooking the meth will cover the entire home. Everything in the home becomes contaminated.

Unfortunately there are no current laws that require sellers to disclose that the home was formerly a meth house. There are some things to look for when you are in the market for a new home:

  • The DEA has a National Clandestine Laboratory Registry you can check.
  • Check the deed at the county clerk's office. Some states require the property to be registered if a meth lab has been uncovered.
  • On inspection of the property look for any signs that would be a red flag, things like debris containing cans, bottles, or packages that might have held muriatic acid, brake cleaner, acetone, etc.
  • Talk to the neighbors and ask questions.
  • Beware of cheap foreclosed on properties.

For the Alkinanis family the result of the non-existent laws means they have a home that is making them sick that they can't sell.

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