Living with a Drug Addict Can Take a Toll on Your Finances

Drug Rehab RaleighWhen a loved one becomes addicted to drugs, many family members find themselves drawn into a world filled with chaos and uncertainty. In an attempt to keep their loved ones close many parents, spouses, friends, or other family members will offer financial assistance. Whether it is paying for court fees, rent, car payments, or buying groceries, supporting a loved one who is addicted to drugs can leave your finances in ruins. Loved ones find it challenging to say no when it comes to giving money to ensure that the addict has a cell phone that works, a car to get to their job, or a safe place to live. For outpatient drug rehab Raleigh services you can depend on in 2018, contact Legacy Freedom today.

Above the costs associated with keeping an addicted loved one safe and connected many family members are forced to deal with the cost of their loved one's drug of choice. When a spouse or partner is addicted to drugs, the money for their drugs may come from the household budget. Many addicts spend thousands of dollar each year to feed their addiction. The costs for these addictions are staggering. On average, someone who is addicted to methamphetamines can pay upwards of $36,500.00 per year. Meth addicts who use around a gram a day can spend $100.00 daily to satisfy their addiction.

Other drugs carry a hefty price tag as well. An OxyContin addict who uses a pill a day can expect to spend $10 - $80 per pill. Depending on their per pill cost and how many tablets they use each day they can spend upwards of $29,000 per year. Oxy addicts often switch to heroin which is more readily accessible. An average cost of $150 a day for heroin means that an addict will spend more than $54,000 in a year on their drug habit.
Cocaine addicts spend a staggering amount on drugs. Depending on the amount of cocaine used each day, an addict will spend between $25,000 and $92,000 per year.

When you begin to calculate the costs associated with these addictions and equate them to other everyday items, it's no wonder that families are crumbling under the financial strain of supporting an addicted loved one. A single $10.00 hit of heroin every day for a year could buy a 1-carat white gold diamond ring. An eight ball of cocaine a day for a year could be equal to obtaining a bachelor's degree. The amount of money being spent is staggering.

So how do spouses and loved ones overcome the crushing debt that they are being faced with as a result of their loved one's addiction? Some spouses are unaware of the depth of the problem until notices of foreclosure or service disconnection arrive in the mail, especially if the addict is the one in charge of managing the household finances. Untangling the financial mess that an addict makes can be difficult but it is doable. If you're loved one has addiction problems, Legacy can help with dependable drug rehab Raleigh services. Call now.

Establish accounts in just your name. Use those accounts to pay bills or make payment arrangements with creditors. Changing direct deposits to this account so that you can manage the money without worrying about the addict taking money from this account can help you get back on track financially.

Drug Rehab RaleighMake a list of all your outstanding debts. When you know who you owe and how much you owe it is easy to see where the addict is siphoning money from or where new charges are being made. Setting up credit card alerts, closing accounts, and prioritizing bills can help you feel in control of even the worst financial situation.

Create a monthly budget. Figure out what necessities you must have and what luxuries you can go without. Changing cell phone plans, dropping cable TV or internet service, and switching to public transportation may be necessary while you work through these tough financial times.

Ask for help. If managing financial situations makes you feel overwhelmed or you are unsure where to start, enlist the help of a trusted family member who is good with finances or find a financial counselor to help you get started. Use the resources available to you to help you keep utilities turned on through state and local resources. Many religious organizations have food pantry programs or other assistance funds available. Find what you need to help get yourself through this time.

Get yourself support. Taking on the burden of managing your family's finances can be overwhelming and scary. Not only are you dealing with the financial fall out of your loved one's addiction, you are also coming to terms with your feelings, thoughts, and worries related to their addiction.

Quality Drug Rehab Raleigh Services

Finding yourself in a bad financial place as a result of your spouse or partner's addiction is hard. Legacy Freedom understands that getting your loved one help is crucial for your finances. We proudly offer a unique holistic approach to addiction recovery which combines traditional and alternative therapies. We have helped thousands of clients break their addictions to cocaine, marijuana, meth, heroin, and oxycontin. For those with complicated addictions to oxycontin, we now offer suboxone treatments in conjunction with our comprehensive treatment approach.

The healing process at Legacy Freedom begins with your Life-Purpose coach helping you identify your treatment goals and reconnecting you with your passions. Identifying the things that motivate you to get sober is essential to the treatment process. Together with your Life-Purpose coach and your care team you will create a treatment plan that puts you, not your addiction, at the center of focus. Getting to the root of your addiction and evaluating why you use is crucial to your recovery process. Through one-on-one therapy and group therapy you will learn positive coping mechanisms while finding the support and understanding you need to be successful in your recovery.

Legacy Freedom of Raleigh offers more than ten different alternative therapy methods to help you heal and overcome your addiction. From inner child work to equine-assisted therapy and EMDR, our customized treatment approach offers something for everyone. Our staff dietician and physical therapist will help heal the physical damages of your addiction and empower you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about our holistic approach to addiction treatment and our alternative therapy methods on our blog.

Take control of your life with addiction treatment from Legacy Freedom. Call or click today to connect with our care team and begin your journey to a sober and purpose-filled life with affordable drug rehab Raleigh services today.

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