The Link Between Alcohol and Anxiety

therapy in Columbus, OHDid you know there is a link between your alcohol use and anxiety? Many people are unaware that the two are related. When you stop to consider how alcohol affects the central nervous system understanding the correlation between the two isn’t hard.

At Legacy Freedom of Columbus we realize that people develop habits to cope with deeper issues. While these may work for a while, these are not long term solutions. Our dedicated team of therapists and clinicians specialize in helping people with mental illness make the transition from just getting by to living and thriving. Together we can overcome old behaviors and learn new and healthy ways to live with your mental illness.

Alcohol is a sedative and a depressant that affects your central nervous system. The first drink, or even the first few sips, can ease your racing heart and take your mind off your troubles. Alcohol can make you feel relaxed and happy. Sounds the same as a regular anti-anxiety medication at this point, right? But what happens when you pass that point?

Excessive amounts of alcohol can stop your body from naturally dealing with stress and anxiety. Too much alcohol affects the levels of serotonin and the neurotransmitters in your brain. When the alcohol use becomes excessive, your brain begins to malfunction. You start having blackouts and losing parts of what happened that night. With too much abuse, you could even suffer brain damage. You are also causing damage to other vital organs when you routinely abuse alcohol.

Alcohol can also cause anxiety. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders states that there are eight characteristics of Alcohol Induced Anxiety:

  • Prominent anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Obsessions or compulsions
  • Anxiety symptoms during withdrawals from alcohol or intoxication
  • Anxiety that is unrelated to another anxiety disorder
  • Sudden and severe confusion
  • Distress or impairment of functioning

How do you know whether you are drinking to ease your anxiety or your anxiety is caused by your drinking?

Realizing you have anxiety, where it comes from, and how you cope with it is the key. The staff at Legacy Freedom can help you understand where your anxiety is coming from. If you have been utilizing alcohol to treat your anxiety disorder, our staff can help you treat the underlying issues. If your drinking is creating anxiety and dependence on alcohol to deal with other mental health issues, we can help. Our holistic approach to anxiety therapy in Columbus, OH treats the whole person, not just the mental illness.

How do you know if you are dependent on alcohol?

  • If you need a drink to get out of bed
  • Feeling the need to drink for four or five days each week for no particular reason
  • Always wanting to hang out in a place where you can have a drink
  • Inability to stop on your own
  • Binge drinking or drinking more than five drinks a day
  • Drinking until you pass out because you cannot sleep

Affordable Alcohol and Anxiety Therapy in Columbus, OH

When you are ready to face your anxiety and your issues with alcohol, give Legacy Freedom a call. We are here and ready to help you overcome your mental health issues and help you live a full and healthy life. Your journey to healing begins with a single phone call.

Come see what makes Legacy Freedom different. Our exclusive holistic approach to anxiety therapy in Columbus, OH includes one-on-one sessions, medication management and alternative therapies like yoga, acupuncture and equine therapy. What are you waiting for? A life without alcohol and anxiety is just a phone call away. Do it today!

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