Why Do We Lie to Ourselves?

substance abuse treatment centers in greensboro NCLying is often second nature when it comes to truth and addiction. We sometimes wonder why it is such a natural response. Whether we're lying to someone we love or ourselves, this problem is well-known. Believe it or not, understanding why we lie to ourselves can often help us refrain from doing so.

Below, you will find several reasons why we lie to ourselves and others. If you need to find substance abuse treatment centers in Greensboro NC, look for Legacy Freedom. We can help you get sober in 2017.

Why We Lie To Ourselves

Avoiding reality – Addiction  leaves you living in a world that is not quite reality. You're living in a town that is distorted and unrecognizable. Life revolves around drugs; how you're going to get them and when you can next consume them.

It is hard to face the truth of dependency. When this is the case, lying to yourself and others often becomes normal. You avoid the reality that drugs are running your life.

Protecting addiction – Your priority becomes maintaining and conserving your drug use. Nothing will get in the way of your addiction. You will lie, cheat and steal to continue using. That means, lying as means of self-preservation becomes prominent.

Becoming the exception – As an addict, you begin to believe that you are different. You start exempting yourself from the rules. You also assume that you can stop using anytime you feel like it. Making yourself an exception to the rule is a form of lying to yourself that continues throughout addiction.

In denial – Lying, just like addiction, is a disease. It leaves you continually making excuses and justifying actions. You begin to believe that the world is against you. It's never your fault. So eventually, you begin to lie because you can. If you get away with it enough, it becomes easy. People start turning a blind eye or ignoring you completely. This fuels dishonesty. Eventually, lying becomes a problem even when it's not necessary.

As you can see, lying to yourself is easy once the habit begins. It becomes a way of life that is difficult to break away from. In addition to understanding how we lie to ourselves and others, it's important to know how to stop. In our next blog post, we will offer tips that will hopefully help you stop lying to yourself, as well as others. Be sure to visit back soon.

Are you lying to yourself about addiction? Do you worry that a loved one is doing the same thing? If so, consider drug rehabilitation. It might be the only way to face reality, stop lying and find recovery.

Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Greensboro NC For 2017

If you, or your loved one, are suffering from a substance abuse problem it's time to get professional treatment in 2017. While it’s easy to believe they are alone in this struggle, that is the farthest thing from the truth. There are numerous people and families dealing with addiction, all over the world, and they need rehab as well. Regardless of how bad your drug or alcohol use has become, help is always available with the many substance abuse treatment centers in Greensboro NC. However, all of them are not the same. That's why you should contact Legacy Freedom of Greensboro if your loved one needs alternative, personalized therapy in the new year. We are here to help them get back on track to a healthier, happier life in 2017.

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