Legalization of Marijuana – An Overview

drug rehabilitation in Asheville NCThe legalization of marijuana for both non-recreational and recreational use has caused serious controversy throughout the U.S. over the past decade. In the past three years, it’s become an even bigger debate, as Colorado and Washington D.C. have legalized the use of cannabis for recreational purposes, allowing individuals to not only legally possess the substance, but also grow and gift it, as well.

While there seem to be several benefits from legalizing pot according to supporters, there are far more cons than pros. Many people wonder why legalizing cannabis is a bad idea. They see the benefits only. Revenue boosts, wider access for medicinal use and less money spent on organized crime support are a few of the main pros.

As we mentioned above, Colorado and Washington D.C. are the only two places in the U.S. – as of yet – that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. There are several states throughout the U.S. that have permitted it for medicinal uses.

Below, you'll find several more important reasons why marijuana should not become legal, throughout the U.S. You might find, as we did, there are far more cons than pros.

Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

Addictive - Though there are many reports that argue that marijuana is not as addictive as other drugs like cocaine, meth or heroin, there is an addictive nature to cannabis. In fact, drug treatment specialists have studies that suggest at least 10 percent of users will develop an addiction over time. In addition, it’s also argued that the money saved by legalizing pot will be, in turn, spent on treating those that are addicted to the substance.

Perception - By definition, a drug is a substance that changes the way our bodies work. Marijuana, above all else, is a drug. When under the influence of pot, we experience a high that significantly changes our acuity. Even low doses of pot can distort our awareness enough to trigger car accidents. Of course, each person’s perception alterations are different, but the end results are the same; altered perception with a possibility of dangerous outcomes.

In fact, a study shows that showed that marijuana is the most predominant illegal drug found in impaired or fatally injured drivers. This is one of the most serious cons to the legalization of marijuana.

Over the course of the next several blogs in this series, we are going to discuss more cons of legalizing pot, as well as go over the states that have permitted it and finally, the initial findings of studies done on states that have currently legalized it.

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