Leaving the City for Addiction Treatment

Greensboro NC Drug RehabThose that live in the city love it. It’s fast paced, fun and always alive. There’s never a moment when the city sleeps. That means there’s always something to do. Unfortunately, those that live in the city have direct access to non-stop partying and bar hopping. Those that are struggling with addiction might find that the city itself is triggering their addiction. When this is the case, it might be time to leave.

Moving to a new area that’s more relaxed and slower paced, versus the hustle and bustle of a city, allows you to be able to fully focus on addiction treatment and recovery. Of course, you’ll be leaving behind a life, job and friends, but that might be just what it takes to get back on track to a life that’s free of substance abuse.

Even when you get to the point where you’ve left rehab and rejoined the world, relapse is always a possibility. Triggers are everywhere. And as we mentioned, this is even more true in a city. With bars every few feet, ABC stores on every corner and many people partying all night, every night, it’s not a recipe for successful recovery.

Over half of all recovered addicts will relapse at some point after their treatment. That means working hard to prevent it is key. If moving away from the city is what’s needed to make this happen, we hope that you’ll consider it. Below, you’ll find several benefits that come with moving away from a busy area during recovery. If you, or a loved one, need Greensboro NC drug rehab and alcohol treatment, call Legacy Freedom. We can help.

The Benefits of Getting Out of the City

Avoiding Temptations – You’ll be able to live life, away from the temptations of seeing a bar every time you’re on the way to work. Of course, moving to a smaller town doesn’t mean you won’t ever see one. It just means that there won’t be one around every corner. It’s easier to avoid temptations when you aren’t faced with them constantly.

New Friends – You’ll be able to leave your old, partying friends behind and make new ones. Just like temptation, old friends keep you remembering your addiction and what it’s like to use drugs. When you make new friends, you can be selective and ensure you’re finding sober ones that won’t tempt you with drugs or alcohol.

New Home – You might find that your old home is a trigger. You might have done countless amounts of drugs there. You may remember what it was like coming home high or drunk. These are all triggers that need to be avoided in the beginning stages of recovery.

Spending Time with Family – You might find that moving leads you closer to family. You’ll have more free time when living in a smaller town. You might even choose to move closer to family. They’re a support group that will give you an advantage. Family will always be on your side. Trust them and allow them to help you in your recovery.

We hope this information helps you with your recovery and avoiding triggers that might cause a relapse.

Quality Alcohol and Greensboro NC Drug Rehab Begins with Legacy Freedom

Addiction and substance abuse problems do not get easier to deal with over time. It's a problem that can consume your life before anyone realizes it's happening.  It's important to get help as soon as possible. Life without substance abuse is possible. Whether it's you or someone you love consider the help that can come from outpatient, customized therapy like the type that Legacy Freedom offers. Call us today to learn more about our Greensboro NC drug rehab and alcohol treatment.

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