Law Enforcement and Mental Illness

mental health facilities in Charlotte, NCMany police officers fear the stigma from their colleagues and their department of admitting that they have a mental health condition. A recent survey of police departments nationwide revealed that more police officers die as a result of suicide than are killed in the line of duty. The rate of suicide among police offers has also surpassed the rate at which the general public commits suicide. How do we keep the brave men and women who have sworn to protect our communities and save us from those who would do us harm safe from themselves? Legacy Freedom is one of the best mental health facilities in Charlotte, NC. We can help you with any kind of mental illness issue. Call our Charlotte location today.

Increased Awareness
Some departments require officers who seek help for their mental health to operate with duty restrictions and this often makes officers reluctant to attend to or disclose their mental concerns. Some of the negativity comes from the officers themselves. The perception of police officers is that they are tough and fearless. Strength of mind and body is a fundamental source of pride among most police officers. Mental illness erodes this tougher than the 'Average Joe' persona.

Create a Crisis Intervention Team
As a result of the increased personal and interdepartmental stigma regarding mental illness, the need for law enforcement agencies to form crisis intervention teams (CITs) to help law enforcement officers cope with difficult calls, losses in the line of duty, and personal mental health issues has become essential. Departments across the country have adopted or created CIT programs that connect officers with counseling services and evaluation tools that can help them decide to take self-imposed leave.

Outpatient Mental Health Facilities in Charlotte, NC

At Legacy Freedom, we know that protecting our community is both stressful and taxing on your mental health. Struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, or anxiety can leave you feeling angry, scared, and confused. Our caring and understanding team is committed to serving those who serve and providing compassionate and confidential mental health treatment. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods, we give you greater control over the type of mental health care you receive. Each client is able to fully customize their treatment plan to fit their schedule, their interests, and their treatment goals. Receiving outpatient mental health care treatment ensures that you don't miss out on important family events, work, or other social obligations.

With more than ten alternative treatment methods to choose from, our staff can help you create a care plan to fit your needs. Together with your therapist you will get to the root of your depression, PTSD, or anxiety and learn new ways to cope. Thousands of clients have found better ways to overcome their mental health challenges through treatment from Legacy Freedom.

Don't be another officer suicide statistic. Find the help you or someone you love needs with comprehensive mental health care from Legacy Freedom. Call or click to get started and connect with one of the highest rated mental health facilities in Charlotte, NC today!

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