When Your Kids Lie About Drugs Part 2

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When Your Kids Lie About Using | Legacy Freedom - Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Columbus OH

In part one of this series we introduced you to some thoughts on what it is like to deal with a teenager when confronted with drug use. Whether recreational or abuse, teens struggling with substance abuse will tend to lie regardless of whether getting caught is in the equation or not. In part two of this post, we are going to continue to educate you, the parents, on ways to deal with these situations and tips on recognizing substance abuse within your child. If you find that your child needs a drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus,OH, we hope you will consider Legacy Freedom. We take a holistic approach to nurturing your child back to a stable and sober life.

As a parent, be sure to educate yourself about what substance abuse looks like. Pay special attention to the side effects and the behavioral changes you may see in a teen that is using drugs and alcohol. Sometimes, these signs are subtle and it should be noted that they vary from one person to the next. Do your best to identify any problem before it gets out of hand.

Check your emotions at the door. Your feelings are valid but should be placed on the back burner as there is a life at stake. The moment you realize your teen is using and lying about it, you will be hit with a wave of emotions. It will be normal to feel angry, depressed and even betrayed. You will often wonder where you went wrong. You should remain calm and remember that lying is normal with most teenagers even though it's not acceptable.

Start healing by rebuilding trust. You will find that being lied to, and being deceived, is one of the more hurtful aspects of this situation. Trusting your child from here on will be difficult. In order to rebuild your relationship and start to heal you'll have to find a way to trust them again. Start with small things and build from there. We don't expect you to be ready to let them go out all night with friends but provide some small levels of independence. Starting small will make your child understand that they have to earn this trust back and it's not an automatic right as a member of the household. This will help you avoid some negative situations.

If all else fails, get some professional help. Legacy Freedom is a drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus,OH. We specialize in helping those with substance abuse in getting their life back. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, please call us right now.

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