When Your Kids Lie About Drugs

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When Your Kids Lie About Drugs | Drug Treatment In Columbus OH

As a parent, there are only a few things scarier than your child using and abusing drugs. Just thinking about it can drive some parents into overkill mode. Some parents worry so much that they constantly hover, restrict their kids's independence and in general never trust them. To be a good parent you have to find a balance with your child. As they get older you have to let go and trust them to make the right choices. You cannot keep them from danger for their entire lives. That being said, experimenting with drugs can lead to other destructive choices and very bad behavior. Even trying something just once, an experimentation, can lead to an addiction, overdose and even death.

If your parenting instincts are making you suspect drug use with your teens, please act immediately. More than likely, your child will likely lie about using drugs. As a teenager, they should know right from wrong. They understand that using drugs is bad and if you confront them, be prepared because they may be dishonest about it.


Sober teens can come up with some pretty creative lies. If they are using drugs, those lies get worse and can even be bizarre. Our professionals, working as drug counselors, leading support groups, and working in our facility for drug treatment in Columbus,OH have heard all the lies. We are well experienced in picking up on them.

However, as a parent, these lies are probably new to you. Initially, it may be hard to accept that your child is using drugs, or drinking, and then lying to you about them. This is normal.

In a recent study about teens and drugs, researchers asked 400 teen participants if they had used cocaine and then took hair samples. The hair samples were used to test for trace elements of the drug. Even though the teens were told that their answers would be kept private, the results showed that many of them that denied use tested positive. So teens will lie even when they are not at risk of getting caught.

What Can You Do?

First of all, what you shouldn't do is ignore the problem. Taking no action, when you suspect your child is using drugs, is dangerous and could lead to a life or death situation. Confront the problem as soon as possible. You might just save your child's life.

Remember these tips:

  • Trust your instincts.
  • If your teen is making excuses investigate further.
  • Know their friends.
  • Talk regularly.
  • Observe behaviors, habits and health.

All of these items will help you if you find our your child is being dishonest about drug use. As a parent, we know it can be tough and Legacy Freedom is here to help you with drug treatment in Columbus,OH. Get your child back ... call us today.

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