Keeping Your Job: After Rehab

 Drug Treatment in Greensboro NCWe all know how detrimental addiction can be for our relationships, both personal and professional. Until one actually lives through addiction, there’s no real understanding of it. You might know how hard it is to love an addict or work with one, but actually being the addict is something that no one will ever really understand until they’ve lived through it.

Aside from the personal relationship loss that can come with substance abuse issues, losing a job is one of the worst problems faced. Ruining your professional relationship with a company, whether you’ve worked their for years or just started, can seem like the end of the world. Addicts who’ve recovered want nothing more than to begin a normal life, both at home and at work.

In our previous blog post we talked about ways to help you keep your job before entering rehab. Today, we are going to discuss ways to keep your job or look for a new one, after rehab.

The biggest challenge after drug treatment in is the process of returning back to work. Thankfully, with facilities like Legacy Freedom, you can continue working while engaging in therapy programs if it’s a possibility for you. If it’s not and you must quit working in order to begin the stages of recovery, there are ways to ensure you still have your career when you’ve finished. Transitioning from rehab to real life is often difficult for many recovering addicts. It’s important to keep a few things in mind while working through this time.

Don’t Place Blame

Just like we mentioned in our previous blog post, don’t blame your addiction. If you’re having trouble finding a new career, don’t blame your addiction. The point of recovery is leaving the past in the past. If you’re constantly blaming the addiction for things after rehab, you never going to be able to give yourself a chance to prove that your old life is behind you.

Don’t Assume

You might assume that no one will hire a recovering addict. Even if your old employer assured you that you’d have a job after rehab, you might assume they’ll treat you differently or find an excuse to terminate you once you're back. Don’t assume. Just move forward, positively and have confidence that you’ll succeed.

Have Determination

Don’t get discouraged if you have trouble finding a job soon after rehab. Take time to readjust to life outside rehab and addiction. Spend time with family and learn to live day by day. However, don’t lose sight of finding a new career. Persevere and keep a determined mindset that you will find an available position soon.

Be Professional

Dress to impress. Smile. Be confident. Don’t forget that you’ve overcome a great obstacle in life and come out on top. It doesn't matter that your challenge was addiction. This shows that you can overcome anything. Don’t talk about your past history unless it’s asked of you. Being professional will help you pick up where you left off in your previous career as well as help you through interviews for new positions.


Just because your drug treatment is in the rear-view mirror and you’re confident about your ability to live drug or alcohol free, don’t forget about aftercare. Picking up with your old life can be stressful and overwhelming. You never know what might become a trigger until you’re faced with thoughts of relapse. Take advantage of aftercare programs and support groups that can help you though the difficult times while rejoining the workforce.

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