Tips To Keep Your Mind off Drugs and Alcohol

Columbus OH drug rehabOnce an addict, always an addict, they say. It really does not really matter if you are in treatment, or not ... you will probably always find it difficult to keep your mind off drugs and alcohol. The opening statement of this post is intended to mean that the lasting effects of your addiction, on the brain and body, could last a lifetime.

At our Columbus OH drug rehab facility, we classify addiction as a disease of the body and mind. This type of disease prevents people from making good decisions, because all decisions are being made to get more and more of the substance they are abusing. These substances take over you mind, so not thinking about the drugs or alcohol is one of the hardest parts of recovery.

Below you'll find a few effective outdoor ways to keep your mind off using drugs and alcohol. We hope these will help you no matter what stage of recovery you're in. Part two will cover indoor activities, and you can find part two of this series by clicking here.

Outside Activities

Go For A Walk or Hike - The first this tip from our Columbus OH drug rehab facility is to just to get outside and do something in the sun. Being out in the sun will give you a triple dose of treatment. You'll get vitamin D from the sunrays, exercise, and fresh air. By getting outside, you'll be escaping the walls of your home and seeing something new. Think of it as an adventure and go exploring. Search online for local forest preserves, hiking trails, and scenic walking paths in your area. Hiking is a great activity for people of any age and all body types.

Gardening - Gardening can actually by very therapeutic because gardening can actually give you a sense of purpose; especially if you do not have children, or pets. Think of it as having to keep a living organism alive. You'll have to pull weeds, water the plants, harvest the crops, and either prepare your harvest for winter, or you can eat the fruits of your labor as you go. I personally do both. We love to garden in our household because of several factors involved. Gardening relieves our stress, it allows us to grow a lot of our own food and teach our children sustainability, and it's a great family activity that everyone can participate in. Planting seeds and watching the vegetables start to flower, and harvesting daily goodies to try new healthy recipes. I must say that it is really nice having our own fresh herbs all year long.

Go Fishing - One of my favorite pass times and coping skills is simply getting outside and going fishing. Being outside and fishing is one of the most calming activities I can do. Just being out in nature trying to catch a fish. Depending on your taste buds, you can eat what you catch. The best part is that you are outside having fun, instead of being stuck inside dwelling on the days of getting drunk or high.

Holistic Columbus OH Drug Rehab And Alcohol Treatment

If you are looking for the best alternative Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol treatment, please look no further than Legacy Freedom. We offer world class alternative treatment programs that are held in an outpatient setting. These holistic programs are designed to help you regain your sobriety without substance abuse problems holding you back. Make a change for the better today and get the help you deserve by calling Legacy Freedom.

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