Is Kava Safe During Pregnancy?

greensboro NC drug and alcohol treatment centerOver the course of the past few blog posts we have talked about a new type of natural drug that is completely legal in the United States. Kava is a root that can be ground down and mixed with water to make a tea. It is consumed in order to either overcome anxiety or boost moods. Because it is natural and legal in the United States, many people assume that there are no negative effects from this drug.

However, that is not the case. So that leads us to ask about using kava while pregnant. Is is okay? Read more to find out. If someone you care about has issues with addiction, and you're searching for a Greensboro NC drug and alcohol treatment center, be sure to check out Legacy Freedom. Call today to learn more about our alternative rehab options in 2017.

Kava and Your Pregnancy

In our previous piece we talked about how kava can, in worst cases, cause liver failure. Even in the best scenarios it can cause skin yellowing, facial puffiness and more. Also, those who use this drug can experience a gradual tolerance to it, as well.

Many people are wondering whether or not using this drug is safe. Not much is known about the effects of kava because it hasn't been studied long term. Therefore, there is a great deal of controversy as to whether or not kava can harm you.

It is noted in various studies that because of the gradual increase in tolerance per use, those who have been formally addicted to drugs or alcohol should not use it. It can cause a relapse quickly.

Another question many have is whether or not the drug should be used during pregnancy. Again, there are not enough studies for doctors to be able to recommend using it or not. It is assumed that because there are a long list of side effects, using the drug during pregnancy could be dangerous.

The side effects, including ones we listed above can range from very minor to severe. These include rapidly progressing Parkinson's disease, erratic driving, involuntary movements and liver toxicity. This, alone, is reason enough not to use it while pregnant. Some of the more minor symptoms can include gastrointestinal issues. Pregnant women are already more likely to suffer from these issues and when you experience this due to a side effect from an herbal tea, it's much worse.

As mentioned in a previous blog, many countries have completely outlawed the use of this drug. The U.S., however, has not. Doctors cannot recommend usage in anyone, including pregnant women due to the fact that it has yet to be fully tested long-term.

If you're looking for relief and considering using kava, also consider the alternatives that are recommended by doctors. According to there are "Several natural treatments can provide relief from anxiety symptoms with fewer risks than kava or prescription drugs. Engage in light exercise every day and make time to socialize with friends and family members. With the approval of your health care provider, consider seeking help from a qualified aromatherapy practitioner or massage therapist. Counseling, meditation, yoga and relaxation exercises can also help reduce anxiety symptoms without the risk of serious side effects during pregnancy."

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