Kava Bar Opens in Greensboro

Greensboro NC Alcohol Rehab CenterHave you heard about kava bars? If not, you probably will begin to see the name pop up, especially if you live in the Greensboro NC area. Kava bars are becoming quite popular in and around the U.S. Why? There are several reasons. The biggest being it's a natural plant that offers drug-like effects when consumed. The most popular way to consume this plant is by brewing it into a tea to drink.

Native to the Pacific Islands, kava is an exotic blend of roots and tea. Known for reducing anxiety, this brew of ground root and cold water is becoming quite popular. Just recently, a new bar called Krave opened up in Greensboro NC.

For those that aren't aware what this beverage is, or the root it's made from, you'll find more information here and in upcoming articles.

Kava bars are becoming quite controversial as their popularity grows. The issues involved whether or not the beverage is addicting. It's also questionable whether or not someone who is in recovery from addiction should consume it. Because the kava root is natural, many people assume that use is OK. However, because it has sedative properties and euphoric effects, addiction is possible.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, this beverage will elate your mood and give you a feeling of relaxation. It is used typically for insomnia or anxiety. It can also help other nervous disorders.

With the new bar in Greensboro opening seven days a week from 12 PM to 12 AM it's becoming a controversial topic in the city. The bar will also offer free Wi-Fi for professionals and students to come and work or study.

This is worrisome due to the effects kava can offer to those who consume it. Because of the relaxation and euphoric state, the effects can become an addiction. For students, especially, this isn't ideal. Addiction in young adults is far more common than in older adults mainly because they're able to become addicted much more quickly. Also, they're in a constant state of stress due to the pressure to get their work done in school.

Understanding what this beverage is does is important. In our next blog post we will reveal the truth about kava and how it can affect you. Be sure to visit back soon. Also, in a future blog post we will talk about whether or not the tea is safe for women who are pregnant and those who are recovering from an addiction.

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