Is Your Roommate an Addict?

drug treatment in Asheville NCHave you been noticing a few things that seem to be “off” with your current roommate? Do you worry that something bad is going on and they might need help? Addicts tend to behave in certain ways that almost always offer telltale signs you can spot if you know what to look for.

Below, you’ll find a few things you can be on the lookout for in hopes of helping your roommate if they’re caught up in substance abuse issues. Searching for alternative drug treatment in Asheville NC? Call Legacy Freedom for free information on how we can help you, or your addicted loved ones!

How to Know If Your Roommate Is an Addict

Sleep Cycles - Did your roommate all of a sudden stop being an early riser? Do they tend to sleep all day now? If so, take this as the first warning sign. Often, this might be the only sign for a while. Also monitor what they’re doing at night. Do they go to bed extremely late? Are they staying out too late for you to stay up and wait on them? These are signs as well.

Odd Smells - Do you walk in and smell incense or other odd smells like vinegar or odors that are so unpleasant you want to walk right back out? This is a big tip off that something is being covered up. Various drugs have distinct smells when they’re being smoked or used. Incense can be used to cover them so be on guard if you begin smelling things that aren’t normal.

Visitors - Did they go from never having visitors to having several a day? Are the visitors staying overnight or shutting themselves up in your roommate’s room?  Try to make eye contact with these newcomers to see if you can have a conversation with them. Chances are if they avoid you and eye contact, you should consider this a warning sign as well.

Appearances - Drug addicts forget to clean themselves up after abusing substances for a while. They might also fail to clean their room or the kitchen and bathroom. If you’ve noticed your roommate looking less clean cut or skinnier than normal, start investigating a little more.  Lack of hygiene and healthy eating might can be a big indicator of an issue.

If you’ve noticed your roommate changing drastically over the past few months, don’t ignore it. Also, for those that have only noticed little signs here and there, take time to pay more attention. You might be their only hope.  For more information that might help you decide whether or not your roommate is abusing drugs, visit back with our next blog post soon.

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