Is Your Roommate an Addict? continued.

Two Aggressive Women Arguing And ShoutingWelcome back. We are here with more signs to consider if you think your current roommate is abusing drugs or alcohol. If you missed our previous blog post, be sure to visit back with it soon, before moving on. If you need holistic alcohol or drug rehab Asheville NC help in 2016, call Legacy Freedom today to learn more about our outpatient programs.

Is Your Roommate an Addict?

Disappearing Act - Have you lost something of value lately or noticed that money from your wallet is missing? If so, consider this a warning sign. Your roommate might also ask for money until their next payday or borrow items that they don’t want to purchase for themselves.

Paraphernalia - Have you found syringes, needles or other drug stashes hidden around the house? If so, this sign means things are getting out of hand. Hard drugs call for these types of props and you want to be sure they’re not doing something that might put you at risk for jail time or health issues.

Depression - Are you noticing mood swings within your roommate lately? Are they either extremely happy or seriously depressed with no in between? If so, consider this a warning sign. Sudden changes in mood could be coming from withdrawal or just as they’re using drugs. Either way, it’s not normal to go from one extreme than the other.

Anxiety - Drug abusers tend to have a great deal of pent-up nervousness or anxiety. Those that go from confident to worried or paranoid and try to avoid life are usually trying to hide something. Take this warning sign and further investigate their behaviors.

Burn Marks - This might be an odd sign, but don’t count it out. Addicts often can’t control their actions. That can mean burning the carpet or furniture with cigarettes or paraphernalia they’ve used to heat up their drugs. If you notice these signs, get help quickly. They may be in need of an intervention. Even worse, they might end up burning your home down accidentally.

Manipulation - If you've tried to confront your roommate about their suspected drug use, you might find that they'll do whatever they can to trick you into thinking they have a different problem. Whether it be too much homework, having a cold that won't go away or another excuse that might explain their odd behavior, don't be too quick to take their word for it. They might also own up to smoking pot or drinking alcohol once in a while instead of confessing that they're using harder, more addictive drugs.

We hope this information helps you with your roommate should you suspect they might be addicted to drugs. If you need more information, visit back with our previous post.

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