Is Stress as Bad as Smoking?

Drug Rehab Asheville NCStress is something that plagues us in our adult life. It's an issue that comes from many different factors. A hard day at work, too much going on in our daily lives, raising children and more can contribute to stress. Sometimes, we have stress even when we don't realize it. Then, a bad day can make it all the more overwhelming.

Dealing with stress, day in and day out, is hard on us both mentally and physically. Many carry their stress in their neck and shoulders, causing back problems and more. Others handle their stress mentally constantly thinking and worrying about things.

However it's carried, stress can be a detrimental emotion that can consume us. It causes anxiety, eating disorders and other problems that must be dealt with on a different level. Even the most positive, outgoing person can have stress. If the stresses of life have given you a substance abuse problem, we can help. Call Legacy Freedom for comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab Asheville NC services.

Stress In Our Everyday Lives

Individuals stress the most about work. Whether or not they have a stable job, the high demands that come within the workplace, financial issues, long hours and more can really do a number on our stress levels.

A study done by Harvard Business School and Stanford states that new research shows stress in the workplace is the main cause of disorders and illnesses. Stress is just as bad as smoking.

According to the study states that, "Extensive research focuses on the causes of workplace-induced stress. However, policy efforts to tackle the ever-increasing health costs and poor health outcomes in the United States have largely ignored the health effects of psychosocial workplace stressors such as high job demands, economic insecurity, and long work hours. Using meta-analysis, we summarize 228 studies assessing the effects of ten workplace stressors on four health outcomes. We find that job insecurity increases the odds of reporting poor health by about 50%, high job demands raise the odds of having a physician-diagnosed illness by 35%, and long work hours increase mortality by almost 20%."

So excessive stress is just as bad for your body as secondhand smoke. You might have trouble believing that, but it's true. Inhaling smoke, whether it's through physically smoking or through secondhand smoke causes trauma to the body. Stress causes the body to go through trauma as well. Stress can also drive people to addiction. Call Legacy Freedom for affordable drug rehab Asheville NC services.

If you're one to constantly stress at home, at work or out and about in public, consider finding ways to relieve stress. Your body, both mentally and physically, will thank you for it.

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Ways to Relieve Stress

Whether you're at home or in the workplace, use the following tips to help you alleviate as much stress as possible throughout the day.

  • Choose a quite place to relax in, each time you need a moment to rejuvenate and alleviate stress.
  • Go to that place at least once a day.
  • While there, sit down and close your eyes. Dim the lights, if possible.
  • Work on controlling your breathing.
  • Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this at least ten times.
  • Cover your stomach with your hand while breathing in and out. Feeling your stomach as you inhale and exhale offers a calming effect.

The tips above are a quick fix when you're in a pinch or just need a breather at work. If you have more time, work one of the following activities into your daily routine. You'll be amazed at how well one or more of these can help fight stress.

This activity can calm the most stressed person, as long as you take the time to do it once or twice a week. You can even use this method once a day, if needed. Sit or lie down in a room that's quiet, dark and comfortable temperature-wise. Think of a happy place (the beach, spending time with family, Disney World) and imagine that you're there. Think of the smells, the scenery and other surroundings. Think about the sound of waves crashing at the beach, the sun's warm rays. Feel the sand between your toes and relax. Do this for at least 15 minutes. If you need to, set an alarm at the beginning to ensure you spend enough time visualizing your happy place.

Did you know that taking a long walk around the neighborhood can minimize stress? This walk isn't an intense workout, but it will help you take time for yourself. Think about your day, life in general, or ways to solve your stressful problems. Walk at least one mile to start and then work your way up to two or three miles, if possible. The longer the walk the more time you'll have to reflect, relax and if needed, forget your daily problems and stress for a while.

This activity can not only alleviate stress but also get you in great shape. Yoga is an exercise that focuses on relaxation and stretching. You'll release mental issues, elongate the body and help improve balance and movement. Using yoga as a way to relieve stress at least twice a week is key for improvement.

drug rehab Asheville NCIf you aren't currently implementing a daily exercise routine, you should.

Whether you choose to walk, ride a bike, jog or swim, this type of movement will do wonders for your stress and anxiety.

If you are working a job that leads to constant stress each day, consider exercising on your lunch break or after work. If you have time, try exercising in the morning, before your day starts.

Do you actually take a lunch break during the day? No matter what you do, school, work or stay home taking care of your children, taking a lunch break will help alleviate stress. Eat a healthy meal and take time to breath before getting back in action. Many people skip lunch in order to do more during the day. This isn't recommended for anyone.

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