Getting Involved in a Loved One’s Mental Health Care

Mental Health Therapist in Raleigh, NCOne in every 25 Americans is living with a serious mental illness such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or major depression. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. This is why being a strong support system for individuals within your circle of family and friends could literally save a life. The National Institute for Mental Health estimates that only about one-third of those who have been diagnosed with mental illness have family support during their initial diagnosis and treatment period. This support is critical to helping those who are newly diagnosed feel confident about their decision to receive treatment.

At Legacy Freedom, we have a mental health therapist in Raleigh, NC that understands the important role that family and friends play in the therapeutic process. In addition to traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies, like acupuncture, aromatherapy and adventure therapy, we also offer family and friend support groups and events. Educating the loved ones of our clients is key. Our holistic approach is unlike anything you have ever tried. When you are ready to begin your healing journey, we are here to help. Call or click to chat today.

Often newly diagnosed people feel confused and angry. They tend to push away friends and family and feel like they do not need their help. This need for isolation is a response to fear; fear of judgment, rejection or ridicule.

It is important to remember that working with a friend or family member with serious mental health disorders will be a long, often frustrating, process. It is important to set boundaries for yourself from the beginning and know what your role is in their recovery.

Know your role in the recovery process

Many people would like to be involved in the day to day recovery of their friend or loved one. You could submit yourself to be the caretaker of the patient. It is important to realize what this entails. It is a large responsibility. There are many resources available to teach you how to provide a good support system for your friend or family member.

Benefits of being a caretaker

Studies have shown that in cases where patients had a family member play an active role in caregiving the patient showed significant strides towards recovery. The reason for this is that often the family member can relate to the patient in a way the staff cannot. They can interpret information from the patient more easily and relay that information in a simpler way.

Understanding your family member's or friend's needs during the initial recovery stages is key. Ensure that you have a support system in place for yourself as well. This is a difficult time for everyone involved. Knowing that both you and your loved one are heard and supported in your journeys is key. Ask your loved one what they need or want in their recovery, but be sure to ask yourself what you need in this process as well. If you are unsure how to communicate with your loved one, our staff will help you find ways to communicate in a healthy and productive manner. We understand how difficult this time of transition can be.

Trustworthy Mental Health Therapist in Raleigh, NC For Seniors

If you, or a loved one, are in crisis, getting help has never been easier. Our team of dedicated clinicians and therapists is ready and waiting to help you begin your road to recovery. Find out what makes Legacy Freedom different from anything you have ever tried before. Call our Raleigh location to set up your initial consultation today. Your journey to healing is just a phone call or the click of a button away!

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