Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy

Mental Health Facilities in Charlotte, NCMany people who struggle with bipolar disorder also struggle to establish a daily routine for themselves. This behavior has been noted by many mental health facilities in Charlotte, NC, and other places. This may be due to the cyclical nature of the illness with manias and depressive episodes. Many therapists have begun to embrace a type of therapy pioneered by Ellen Frank called interpersonal and social rhythm therapy (IPSRT). Frank believed that those who struggle with bipolar disorder also struggled with their circadian rhythms. These are the rhythms that help your body regulate from day to night and back again.

Disrupting these circadian rhythms has many adverse effects on the human body. Anyone who has ever suffered from a bad night's sleep knows that they feel off the next day. When the body's circadian rhythm is chronically interrupted, your entire mood, chemical balance, and overall functioning experience a significant impact. Those who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder are much more sensitive to disruptions in the circadian rhythm.

Each person has their own unique social rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is part of this social rhythm which makes up your daily routine. Disruptions to any part of this routine of activities creates a stressful situation, however, for those who struggle with bipolar disorder, these disruptions are often significant enough to trigger a manic or a depressive cycle. IPSRT founder, Ellen Frank, developed the therapy to address both the biological and psychological issues of the disorder. In combination with cognitive behavioral techniques, patients are coached to find a schedule that works for them and to find ways to stick to that plan with minimal interruption. These disruptions cause stress which affects the circadian rhythm and can cause variations in mood. Stress and mood changes are triggers for manic or depressive episodes. IPSRT was designed to help regulate behaviors and avoid these triggers in those with bipolar disorder.

IPSRT therapy focuses on the following:

  • Improving social skills
  • Establishing daily routine
  • Stress management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Working through unresolved grief or difficult transitions
  • Conflict management
  • Making connections between mood and life events
  • Understanding and defining mood triggers
  • Embracing the power of routine in daily living and treatment

Those who have undergone IPSRT therapy have reported the following benefits:

  • Ability to communicate better and more effectively
  • Improvement in stress levels
  • Ease of following treatment and daily routines
  • Better relationship satisfaction
  • Awareness of self and needs
  • Deeper understanding of the bipolar diagnosis and individual needs
Searching For Affordable Mental Health Facilities in Charlotte, NC?

Learning to manage bipolar disorder is critical. This is a lifelong condition. Learning ways to manage and treat this condition give you the chance to focus on other things. Whether you have tried numerous types of therapy without success, or you are newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder and feeling lost, Legacy Freedom of Charlotte can help.

We proudly offer a holistic approach to mental health treatment. This means that we don't just focus on your bipolar disorder, we focus on you. Our care team will help you create a plan of care that is centered on you and your unique needs as you learn to navigate life with bipolar disorder. Our facility offers a comprehensive approach to healing your mind, body and spirit. Together with our staff dietician and physical therapist, you will work on healing from the inside with nutrition and exercise. Your therapy team will focus on healing your mind with one-on-one therapy sessions as well as group therapy. We understand how important it is to include your friends and loved ones in your therapeutic process and will involve them as your treatment progresses, giving you an informed and empowered support system. Our alternative therapies will challenge you to learn new coping skills and build trust.

Want to learn more? Ready to get started? Call or click to connect with one of the best mental health facilities in Charlotte, NC!

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