Instagram and Self-Esteem

Greensboro, NC Mental Health ServicesInstagram is a social media network that consists of photos. It's kind of like an online journal that's written only with pictures. There are filters that can be layered over photos and a quick editing option to give photos a photoshopped look, as well. Do you need Greensboro, NC mental health services? Call Legacy Freedom.

Why Instagram Affects Self-Esteem

Many teens and young adults are obsessed with Instagram. They love taking selfies and  photos of friends, what they're eating, wearing and more. Documenting every part of life through Instagram can seem fun, harmless, and glamorous.

Those that spend more time viewing photos from other users than actually posting themselves, might find that seeing these beautiful, glamorous photos is depressing. Seeing countless pics of beautiful settings with amazing views, sunsets, or meals can be deceiving. The filters used along with perfect placement of cameras and angles can make things look better than they actually are. Even the most beautiful woman in the world can appear even more gorgeous with the right filter and angle.

Instagram can be very detrimental to self-esteem, especially in teenagers and young adults. Below, you will find several ways that this popular social media site can ruin self-esteem.

Because people can follow Instagram accounts, teens and young adults become obsessed with how many followers they can gain. If they cannot get enough followers naturally, they often follow spam accounts and pay for more followers.

The same goes for getting likes for their picture. Showcasing their every move, teens often become obsessed with getting as many likes as possible on their photos. If friends are getting more likes, one might feel down and out. They might feel their photos aren't good enough. Eventually, they may feel like they aren't good enough, in general.

Instagram can be a great way to express yourself, artistically and creatively. However, it can also be harmful to self-esteem and your outlook on life. Seeing only gorgeous, fun and exciting lifestyles can be hard to see past. Everyone has bad days, but on social media we rarely get to see those. Not everyone looks perfect, all the time. However, Instagram doesn't showcase that, either.

To learn more about how Instagram can affect your self-esteem, visit back soon. Our next blog post will have more information for you.

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