Inspirational Movies about Addiction and Recovery for the Holidays

drug rehab in columbusAs we approach the holidays and colder weather, many people will be staying inside watching movies. Although movies can be a trigger for some addicts in recovery, there are many inspiring movies that are perfect for families dealing with a loved one's substance abuse issues.

If you, or someone you love, have an addiction problem, then you also know how hard it can be at times to find new sober activities that are fun for everyone. Keeping boredom at bay during the winter months can also be a problem. That's why we've put together a list of movies that are great for those experiencing addiction recovery. So kick back, make a big tub of popcorn and watch a flick! For the best alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus, call Legacy Freedom.

Inspirational Holiday Movies for Recovering Addicts

My Name is Bill W

This is a great movie for anyone suffering from alcohol abuse, or who has a family member in a 12 Step program like AA. This movie follows the story of a man named Bill Wilson who was the founder of AA, or Alcohol abusers Anonymous. Played by James Woods, we watch Bill's life decline into a world of drinking and alcohol abuse until fate brings him together with Dr. Bob, the co-founder of AA.

Clean & Sober

This is a movie about a big-time businessman, played by Michael Keaton, whose life crumbles at the hand of cocaine addiction. It's a classic tale of how drug addiction, and being reluctant in recovery can create havoc in one's life. After running from the law, his conscience, and his work, he finally checks into rehab. Once in treatment he experiences a clean and sober life that helps him recover and excel. Many people in recovery might be able to relate this movie.

Basketball Diaries

This is another true story based on a young athlete who gets addicted to heroin. Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this tale showing just how badly heroin addiction can alter one's path to greatness. The movie shows how the star’s life quickly becomes unmanageable after heroin as he transitions to homelessness and becomes a male prostitute. But there is hope! The star does hit rock bottom but he recovers as well. It proves that no matter how bad addiction has become, the hope of recovery is always there.

28 Days

In this movie Sandra Bullock stars as a self-absorbed alcoholic who wreaks havoc in the lives of all the people around her. After making a mess of her sister's wedding, she finally gets help at a 28 day rehab program. Very similar to the character played by Michael Keaton in Clean and Sober, this woman had no real intention of changing. However, once in rehab she was able to see life differently and decided to get sober. 28 Days is a drama with many comedic moments.

Days of Wine and Roses

This is a movie about co-dependent relationships. Jack Lemmon and Lee Rennick portray how alcohol abuse and an unhealthy relationship can destroy a marriage. This movie might create triggers as it shows how alcohol abuse in one person can trigger unhealthy drinking in the other. The movie does end with the husband finding recovery, however the wife continues down the path of drinking and instability.

Legacy Freedom | Holistic Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Columbus

If the stress of holidays is making you want to turn to alcohol or drugs to cope, call us to talk about our treatment options. At Legacy Freedom, we offer a unique approach to recovery from addiction. Our programs include alternative therapies you won’t find anywhere else. We assess your situation in order to come up with a plan that meets your needs.  Call us today to speak with an admissions counselor about how our alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus can help you.

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