Increased Risk of Parkinson’s Triples in Meth Users

Greensboro NC Drug and Alcohol Treatment CenterMeth is a dangerous drug that can cause serious health issues. Tooth loss and other dental problems, skin irritations, and memory loss are just a few of the severe symptoms attributed to use of this deadly drug. In addition to health problems, meth is a dangerous drug because it causes many crimes to be committed and homes to be destroyed while it is being "cooked." If you have a meth addiction, call our Greensboro NC drug and alcohol treatment center. Legacy Freedom can help you.

A new study shows that meth users might also be a risk for another type of medical condition, as well. Parkinson's disease is a condition that progressively disrupts the nervous system and movement in those that suffer from it. It's a chronic, non-curable disease that causes muscular rigidity, imprecise and slow movement, tremors and a deficiency of the neurotransmitter dopamine within the brain.

The disease typically affects middle aged senior adults. However, this new study shows that meth users are at risk for early development.

Also, according to the study done by Glen R. Hanson, D.D.S., Ph.D., professor and interim dean of the University of Utah School of Dentistry, "Typically, fewer females use meth than males do. Even though women are less likely to use it, there appears to be a gender bias toward women in the association between meth use and Parkinson's." states that "The reason female meth users are more at risk for Parkinson's is not clear. Symptoms of the disease appeared in both female and male meth users in their 50s or later, indicating that the effects of meth may manifest years after initial use."

Unfortunately, those that begin using drugs rarely think about long term problems and consequences of use should an addiction or chronic use develop. For addiction, call Legacy Freedom. We have a quality outpatient Greensboro NC drug and alcohol treatment center.

Drug abuse is a serious problem that can be resolved. Enlightening yourself on the issues and who is at risk for drug abuse can help. Many people use drugs and never think about what they could do to their bodies. Most of the time, drugs are highly addictive and cause serious medical problems.

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