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Impulsive young teens are likely to drink heavily | Drug Rehab Columbus OH News

Impulsiveness is a personality trait that means acting without consideration of the consequences of one’s choices.Drinking and Drug Rehab Columbus OH

Current research shows that unusually high levels of this trait increased the risk factors for a number of serious problems.  This includes suicidal behavior, morbid obesity, and addiction problems. A study in the Journal Addiction was published in July 2013. A group of British researchers linked impulsiveness to significantly increased risks for heavy alcohol consumption among teenagers.

This study identified impulsive behavior as a cause of heavy teen alcohol consumption, not the other way around where identifying heavy alcohol consumption as a cause for impulsive behavior might have been expected.

The Basics of Impulsiveness

Impulsive behavior is a natural aspect of the human psyche. In general, most children and young teens are still in the process of developing their personalities and core characteristics. Sometimes, they might act with more impulsive tendencies than adults. Adults are more emotionally developed and can draw on life experiences to control their behavior when it's necessary. It should be noted that impulsive behavior can vary, substantially, from person to person. Some adults never develop impulse control. This leads to addiction issues that you do not see in people who practice correct adult behavior.

Alcohol Abuse

Numerous studies have linked high degrees of impulsiveness to alcohol abuse.

These 96 previous studies, published in 2013 in the journal Alcohol abuse: Clinical & Experimental Research, clearly identified impulsiveness as a factor in alcohol use. We should note that the strength of the connection between drinking and poor impulse control varied considerably between the different studies under consideration. A study published in Alcohol abuse: Clinical & Experimental Research in 2012 examined the connection between women entering college and stress-related impulsive behavior and risks for alcohol abuse/dependence. The authors of this study concluded that those people who are highly impulsive have increased abuse/dependence risks, especially when college-age women drink to relieve stress.

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