The Importance of Friendship to Your Mental Health During Treatment

Mental Health Therapist in Charlotte, NCAs you work on your mental health, you will no doubt be looking for the support and understanding of those closest to you. While family members and those who are providing your mental health care can be trusted to listen and help you with the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing, there is nothing like a good friend to help you cope with the highs and lows of your mental health treatment. If you need help from a trusted mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC, please reach out to Legacy for help today.

Making friends when you have a mental illness can be challenging. Forming and maintaining friendships when you are depressed, anxious, or struggling with post traumatic stress disorder can be even more challenging. However, those who are worth the effort and stick around after you've disclosed your struggles are the type of friends who are likely to endure the bad days and celebrate the good days.

Don't be upset if your friend doesn't understand everything you are going through. The world of mental illness is vast and often complicated to understand. Answer their questions and be patient as they try to comprehend the experience that you are having. Wanting to learn about you and your mental illness is a sign of acceptance and love. Your friendships can become the foundation for your abilities to cope with and face your mental health diagnosis.

During treatment, many people feel lonely or restless. Having people that will show up and support you, even when you say you don't want them to, is essential for your recovery. Friends who will make you laugh until you cry, give you a push to keep going, or encourage you to try something new are essential to your well-being during this challenging process.

Research has found that people with mental illnesses often push people away out of fear. The fear of rejection and avoiding social contact come as a form of self-imposed stigma that everyone has a prejudice against those who are mentally ill. Having a small social network makes it difficult to navigate problems or situations which may challenge your mental health. Instead of pushing people away when you are struggling, invite them in and let them help you work through the complex issues that you face during treatment.

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At Legacy Freedom of Charlotte, we believe in the power of friendship and family. We offer our clients the opportunity to involve their loved ones in their mental health treatment through group therapy and support groups. Turning your friends into advocates for you as you navigate your mental health treatment is vital to your success. Creating a caring network of loving, educated, and empowered caregivers helps you stick to your treatment plan long after you've left our outpatient facility.

Want to know more about our holistic mental health care? Check out our blog and see the success stories from others with mental health conditions just like you. Our dedicated team of care professionals is waiting to help you begin your healing journey. Call or click to connect with a trusted mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC!

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