The Impact of Childhood Emotional Abuse on Adults

Depression Therapy In Raleigh, NCExperiencing emotional abuse in your childhood or teenage years has the power to impact you long into adulthood. For many adults who were abused as children, patterns of behavior related to this abuse emerge as time passes. Survivors of childhood emotional abuse may not realize that some of their thought patterns and their demeanor directly relates back to the abuse they endured during their childhood and teenage years. Both debilitating and far reaching, the impacts of childhood emotional abuse extend far beyond childhood and have significant impacts on the way a person views their self worth and the relationships they form with others. For affordable 2018 depression therapy in Raleigh, NC call Legacy Freedom.

Mental illness can also stem from exposure to emotional abuse as a child. There are standard behaviors among those who endured abuse as children. They include:

  • Pushing away people who are genuinely trying to care for or look after them.
  • Difficulties with trusting people.
  • Overreactions to criticism or negative feedback.
  • Abandonment and loneliness issues.
  • Overanalysis of relationships and people's intentions.
  • Fear or anxiety when there is conflict or heightened emotions.
  • Hyperawareness and anxiety issues.
  • Excessive need to control their environment and the situations around them.
  • Poor self-esteem.
  • Self-harming behaviors like cutting or eating disorders.
  • Suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts.
  • Trouble accepting love and companionship.

These behaviors which result from emotional abuse in childhood often lead to significant mental health issues. Mental health disorders related to childhood emotional trauma include anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, and personality disorders.

Affordable Outpatient Depression Therapy In Raleigh, NC

Overcoming the trauma of childhood is crucial. For adults who find themselves struggling with their mental health as a result of abuse, Legacy Freedom can help. Our holistic approach to mental health care allows you to create a care and treatment plan that is focused on you, not just your mental health needs. Thousands of clients have already experienced life-changing breakthroughs as a result of our comprehensive therapy plan. Combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods helps you get to the root of your mental health issue and learn positive ways to cope with the negative thoughts and feelings that hold you hostage.

Asking for help with your mental health can be frightening. At Legacy Raleigh, we make it easy to get the care you need. Call or click to connect with our team of experts and begin mental health treatment sooner than you think. Our outpatient treatment center helps keep you connected to your family, friends, and loved ones while you are able to meet work deadlines and get world class mental health treatment. You are more than your mental illness and deserve to heal the wounds left by a childhood filled with emotional abuse.

Begin your healing journey with confidential and compassionate mental health care from Legacy Freedom today. What are you waiting for? Care team members are ready to help you take control of your mental health and well-being. Get started now with our affordable depression therapy in Raleigh, NC!



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