If You Stopped Drinking, You’d Be This Rich!

Two Glasses Of Cognac And Bottle, With Wad Of Money On The WoodeYou may not think about how much you’re spending on alcohol, especially if you only go out once or twice a week to blow off steam after work or to socialize on the weekends.

What’s a couple of drinks at a bar? But, if you factor in the drinking you do at home, plus other expenses relating to drinking, such as cab fare or Uber charges, then you may be racking up quite a bill. If you drink too much, call our Wilmington NC alcohol rehab and drug treatment center - Legacy Freedom, we can help you.

Money and Alcohol

According to statistics,  over 22 billion dollars was spent on the bar, tavern and nightclub industry in 2011. That’s quite a number, and it doesn’t even include the money spent on alcohol from the liquor store, beer from the 7 Eleven or the wine you picked up while grocery shopping.

Depending on what type of drinker you are, you could be spending several thousand dollars a year on alcohol. Let’s say you spend $10 on a bottle of wine and drink three a week at home, that’s just over $1500 a year, not including tax.

Don’t forget the weekends, when you may go out for drinks and spend an average of $40-50 for the evening. That’s another $2000. We’re not even including the dinner you may have had with your drinks, cab fare, covers for bars or nightclubs, or any other entertainment.

The money you’ll spend also depends on what you drink. If you like cheap wine or beer, you’re going to spend less than those who prefer liquor drinks, high priced wine or craft beers.

The next time you go out, take the time to review your receipts and see how much you’ve spent. If you go out regularly, you could be spending quite a bit just to get out of the house and socialize. If the number you’ve calculated is a little scary, here are some tips to help you cut back.

Stay at home.
Have friends over and ask them to BYOB. You’ll spend less on your own drink of choice and won’t have to worry about cab fare or tipping a bartender.

Hit happy hour.
Lots of bars have happy hour specials when you can drink and snack on apps at special prices. There’s nothing wrong with starting your evening a little early in order to save some money.

Pay with cash.
It’s easier to hand over your credit card and rack up a tab without knowing how much you’re spending. Instead, get a certain amount of cash out that you’re okay with spending and pay for all your drinks as you go. You’ll keep track better and once you run out of money, you know it’s time to go home.

Don’t drink.
How’s that for an idea? You don’t have to drink when you go out. Sodas and tea are cheaper than alcohol, and water is always free.

Drinking doesn’t always just cost money; it can cost a person a lot of things if it becomes a problem. Be a responsible drinker whether you go out or stay home, and get help if you find that your drinking is interfering with other parts of your life.

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