How to Identify Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Raleigh Drug RehabPeople who have a substance addiction can cause a lot of stress, grief, and worry for their families and friends, but also for their employers. Problems with substance abuse and use during the workday can result in a loss of productivity, theft from employer, accidents that could be fatal, and just an overall decrease of employee moral and willingness to work.

Substance abuse in the workplace also increases health care and worker’s compensation costs. Let’s look at how substance abuse negatively affects a productive workday as well as what signs to look for in your workplace and what to do if you see any. If you have a friend at work suffering from addiction, talk to them about starting a Raleigh drug rehab program with Legacy Freedom. Call us today to learn more.

Signs of Substance Abuse at Work

When a person comes to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol, of course that person’s mind isn’t going to be focused on doing the job at hand. Substance abuse in the workplace can be described as using drugs or alcohol before coming into work, using while at work, or the residual effects of using the night before work.

Whether the job is ringing up sales in a customer service position, cooking or serving food in a restaurant, or driving a company car to pick up a client, the person using drugs will be slower to react in an emergency and their judgment and decision-making will be cloudy. This alone shows that there aren’t any “certain” jobs you can get away with this kind of behavior at. Someone using drugs in the workplace may also be more likely to steal from their employer in order to be able to buy more drugs or trade merchandise for drugs.

Someone using drugs at work is more likely to have problems with co-workers and getting basic, daily tasks done correctly which then slows down production.

There are many signs to keep an eye out for if you believe yourself or someone you work with might be struggling with substance abuse and whether it is affecting the workday or not.

Physical sign to look for:
- Bloodshot eyes or dark bags under the eyes could mean a lack of sleep from a previous night of partying
- A faint odor of alcohol
- Erratic behavior such as extremely high energy and moving around a lot but not really getting anything done, or extremely low energy and acting sluggish and tired for the entire workday
- A lack of concern about their personal hygiene and appearance
- Sudden weight loss or gain
- Shaking, tremors, or unsteady on their feet
- A change from normal happy demeanor to being depressed, hostile, irritable, or withdrawn and suspicious

Work related signs to look for:
- An unwillingness to get to know co-workers or talk about their personal life
- Missing 10 work days for every 1 missed by other employees
- Overreaction to constructive criticism about work
- Producing inconsistent work while on the job
- Tardiness or having to constantly leave early
- Taking longer breaks than allotted and coming back from breaks in completely different moods
- Frequently hurts themselves or has other frequent accidents

While these warning signs are important and definitely things to look for if you suspect an employee or co-worker has a substance abuse problem, seeing just one of these signs usually isn’t a reason for concern. If you begin to notice a pattern of these signs, it may be time to take action. As a manager, you are responsible for the safety of the rest of your team and having an employee under the influence of drugs and alcohol jeopardizes everybody involved as well as any customers or public you deal with.

When someone you love battles addiction, you battle it with them. Call Legacy Freedom Treatment Center today and let us help you win that battle. Legacy offers a wide variety of Raleigh drug rehab treatment plans including alternative therapies that you won’t find anywhere else. Call Legacy today if you, or someone you love, are struggling with an addiction.

How to Help

Raleigh Drug RehabThere are many things the workplace can offer as help or resources to their employees struggling with addiction. First, every job should have a very detailed drug and alcohol policy that each employee reads and signs in agreement upon accepting a new job. This policy should be easily accessible to any employee at anytime over the course of their employment. In addition, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) should be established because it is a very effective way to address alcohol and drug problems in the workplace.

The EAP offers counseling, assessment, and referrals to substance abuse, mental health, financial, and family help programs. The EAP is completely confidential as well. These programs are led by trained professionals and can help employers find health coverage and care for employees that encompass things such as substance disorders or recovery programs. Employers should also make their employees feel comfortable and safe admitting that they have a substance abuse problem. If an employee fears they may lose their job because they have a problem or because they take some time off to get help they are more likely to continue to use and come to work under the influence which could result in theft or accidents on the job. However, if an employee feels that they can honestly talk to their employer they are more likely to open up and seek treatment so they can come back to work eventually and be a productive part of the company. If you need more advice on talking to your employees, call our Raleigh drug rehab treatment center, Legacy Freedom. Our counselors are waiting to hear from you.

Substance abuse on the job, even if it is only by one employee, can really hurt an entire business. Individuals abusing drugs or alcohol tend to miss more days of work therefore the workload is unevenly distributed among the employees that are there which creates slower productivity and a loss of morale on the team.

Substance abuse on the job can also be dangerous. It was reported that workers with alcohol problems are 2.7 times more likely to have an injury related absence from work than someone who doesn’t drink. Breathalyzer tests found alcohol in 16% of emergency room patients injured at work. It is very important for employers to have a clear drug and alcohol policy as well as a plan on how to respond to employees with substance abuse problems because it is estimated that 70% of the 14.8 million Americans who have used illegal drugs are employed.

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