How to Stop Being Angry Part Two

drug rehab in greensboro NCAnger is an emotion we all feel from time to time. It’s a part of life. Unfortunately, there are times when we get caught up in all the things that upset us. We have trouble moving on. This causes us to become negative. Anger is then, more than just a part of life, it is our life. There are, however, ways to fight this anger.

Below, you’ll find several tips that can help you. For the very best in alcohol and drug rehab in Greensboro NC, call Legacy Freedom today! We can help people with addiction problems.

Ways to Stop Being Angry

Laugh – Making yourself laugh whenever you can is key in breaking the cycle of anger! It’s impossible to be upset and happy at the same time. That’s why laughing can become a real asset. Whenever you feel anger coming on, think of something funny and laugh away. Can’t think of a good way to wind down after an infuriating day? Have a stockpile of hilarious movies guaranteed to make you laugh. While you’re cooking dinner or relaxing after a long day’s work, watch one and giggle the night away, melting your anger right along with it.

Forgive – You’ve heard the old saying forgive and forget. While you don’t always have to forget, forgiving is a large part of being able to control anger as well as get over it. Forgiving someone who’s hurt you is hard. It’s probably one of the most difficult experiences you’ll ever go through, aside from the reason you’re upset with this person. Forgiving the enemy isn’t giving up. It is freeing yourself to move on in a positive way. Holding a grudge is more painful than forgiving. Being angry with someone and choosing not to forgive them doesn’t hurt that person, it hurts you. It can damage your health and overall wellbeing. Try to let go of these emotions and forgive the other person. It will do wonders for your soul.

Fight Triggers – While we talk more about triggers in our next blog post, the first step to eliminating them is to fight them. Then, you can eventually identify them and get rid of them altogether. The easiest way to fight a trigger is through a small amount of pain. Wear a rubber band around your wrist. When you feel anger coming on, grab the band and snap it. This might sound a little crazy, but the sting of the snap will train your brain to acknowledge your anger. Each time you do this, your mind will instinctively remember to avoid this situation again.

Are you angry? Do you worry about what it’s doing to your mental health state? Is it ruining relationships with loved ones? If so, visit back with us soon, as we will have even more tips to help you fight anger and get back to a happy, healthy life.

Those that are continuing to fight a drug or alcohol addiction might also become angry. If you or someone you know needs help from Legacy Freedom, contact us. We are here for you.

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