How to Stay Sober on Spring Break

 alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NCIf spring break makes you think of beaches, sun, swimming pools and drinking until you pass out, then maybe you’ve been watching too many teen movies. Spring break doesn’t have to revolve around drinking and partying, especially if you’re in recovery or newly sober.

While you don’t want to jeopardize your recovery, you also don’t have to give up the fun things in life, like spring break. You just have to think about it differently. Spring break is simply a vacation from school and/or work. It’s a time to relax with family and friends, preferably in a sunny location.

When you start planning this year’s trip, make it known to your family and friends that you aren’t going to drink, do drugs or otherwise compromise your sobriety. Your real friends will respect you and try to accommodate you. Having a support system in place can help you to not slip up. Having a plan helps, too.

Here are some tips for staying sober on spring break. If you know someone suffering from an addiction, reach out to Legacy Freedom. We can help them with quality alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC!

Sober Spring Break

Bring along friends
See if your friends or family would be interested in an alcohol and drug free trip. If not, you can ask people in your support group or check online for sober vacations. If you can find likeminded people, you’ll be less likely to want to drink. If you decide to go with people who will still drink, be mindful of your triggers so you won’t be caught off guard.

Choose a location
Try to avoid places known for heavy partying, or places where you may have partied before. You will be less likely to associate drinking with a new place. There are plenty of spots where alcohol isn’t a factor in activities, such as national parks, camping sites or small towns.

Plan physical activities
Vacation can be about relaxation, but it can also be a chance to try new things. Chances are you spent too many days sleeping off a hangover during past spring breaks and probably missed chances to go scuba diving, surfing, sailing, or any number of outdoor adventures. Check out the area where you plan to stay to see what options are available to keep you active.

Plan low-key affairs
Once you’ve got adrenaline pumping through your system, you may want a day to relax. See if you can book a spa package or massage to help yourself unwind. You can also plan a low-key dinner or maybe an evening cruise under the stars. You may also be able to find a yoga or mediation group that would welcome an out-of-towner.

Share on social media
Keep your friends updated on the awesome time you’re having by posting updates on Facebook or Instagram. People will be more impressed by that shot of you paddle boarding than a picture of you sitting at a bar with a drink in your hand.

With a little creativity you can have a fun and exciting spring break without the blackouts and pesky hangovers.

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