How to Rise Above Negativity

substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NCAs a recovering addict, or one who's currently dealing with an active addiction, negativity can be something that is consuming and hard to rise above. You're always thinking about the people you hurt, the drugs that led you down this path and more. It's all around you. It might feel like you'll never have another positive thought.

Fortunately, there are several ways to rise above the negativity and get through life in a positive light.

Below, you'll find several tips that will hopefully help you.

  • Appreciate life and see the world as a great place.
  • Appreciate yourself. Don’t wait on others to validate you. Praise your progress. Be thankful for what makes you exceptional.
  • Improve your love for others and deepen it as much as possible. Offer kind words to family and friends. Take a moment to say hi to a stranger in the grocery store or walking down the street.
  • Be mindful of complaining and try to keep it to a minimum. If possible, eliminate it altogether. Also, refuse to criticize and compare. Doing so takes a great deal of energy.
  • Forget your obsessive thoughts. This can be difficult, but silently reminding yourself to stop thinking about it will help. When you’re alone, say "Stop!" out loud to help.
  • Find strength in uplifting stories or books. Read or listen to them repeatedly. This will help you mentally and physically.
  • Say "I’m sorry," to someone you’ve hurt in the past. If you make a mistake during your journey to rise above negativity, apologize then, as well.  Not doing this can cause problems with your mental health.
  • Remember that anything can happen. You might be expecting a bad day to follow, after you slipped and used drugs. Don’t expect anything. You might have the best day of your life after that one slip-up. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and expect the unexpected.
  • Help a neighbor, friend or stranger. This can help you rise above negativity in a way you never expected. Also, ask them if there are other things you can help them with, later on.
  • Remember to forgive. This is a positive experience that can create emotional healing.
  • Stop judging friends, family and strangers. People are different and they shouldn’t be judged for it. Accept everyone and remember that this act will help you feel good and whole.
  • See greatness in yourself and others. Own your gifts and talents. Praise the gifts and talents of others.  Doing so allows for infinite possibilities for everyone. We can all move forward together.

Rising above negativity will not only help you continue a journey through recovery but also help addicts who are trying to start a new life, drug-free. Positive thoughts, feelings and actions will tear down the negative walls built during drug use. We hope these tips will help you on your path to seeing things in a new light.

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