How to Deal with Early Sobriety

Drug Rehab in Raleigh NCThe first few months of sobriety can be tough. Some struggle for up to a year. It’s normal. After being dependent on drugs or alcohol to get by, there’s going to be an adjustment period as you learn to live without it.

Life without drugs or alcohol can seem overwhelming. You may have responsibilities you didn’t have before, or ones that you gave up because of your addiction. The idea of having a full-time job, paying bills, meeting family obligations and trying to stay sober can seem like an impossible effort, but it doesn’t have to be.

Before your substance abuse problems, you probably had a normal, regular life. You can have it again. Here are some tips to help when things seem tough. If you know someone suffering from an addiction, reach out to Legacy Freedom. We can help them with quality alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC!

Dealing with the Ups and Downs of Early Sobriety

1. Keep it simple.

When you’re in early recovery, don’t try to take on too much. You can get back to the life you had before, but don’t overwhelm yourself with too many responsibilities right away. Stick to a routine of work, family time and a healthy pastime such as group sports or exercise. You can add more or make major changes, such as switching jobs, going back to school or having kids, once you are deeper into your recovery and able to handle such big changes.

2. Don’t forget your meetings.

Group therapy or support meetings will help as you make the transition back into a sober life. Don’t give them up because of a lack of time or because you don’t think you need them anymore. They can be helpful in times where you are feeling overwhelmed. Talking with people who have had the same experience can help you manage some of the problems that may arise.

3.  Plan ahead.
It’s inevitable that you will have cravings or that things will happen that will make you want to turn to drugs or drinking to cope. Plan ahead by deciding what you will do when it happens. You can call a sponsor or good friend and go have a coffee. You could plan to hit the gym anytime you start having cravings. If you think it will strike when you’re working, learn meditation techniques that can help calm your nerves no matter where you are.

4.  Have fun!
You’ve been through a lot, so you deserve to unwind and have fun. It can help relieve stress and help you learn to have a good time without drugs or alcohol. Take up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Take a class to learn something new. Go to a comedy show. Do something that you find enjoyable.

5.  Make goals.
Your number one goal is to stay sober, but now is a good time to plan what you want to do in life. They don’t have to be big, life-changing goals. (In fact, it’s best to hold off on those for a while.) But you can start small.  Decide to call a different friend or family member each day after work. Take your dog on longer and longer walks each Saturday. Having small, short-term goals that you can meet will help build your confidence.

Early sobriety can be difficult, but it’s part of the recovery process. There is no timetable that says when you’ll feel stronger, but it will happen – just take it day by day.

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