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Columbus OH Drug RehabDo you want to know the secrets of how to be more liked by strangers and even your friends? In this series, we've been talking about simple things that you can do to ensure that people like you right away.

The first part of this likability series talked about the importance of making eye contact and how to give a proper handshake. Our second number will give you a few more ideas that should make it easier for you to be more liked. Do you have a loved one suffering from problems with substance abuse? If so, maybe it's finally time to get them the help they need and deserve. Maybe it's time to bring in professional help like the kind found at Legacy Freedom! We offer the best Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol treatment for people of all ages. Call today.

How You Can Be More Likable

When meeting new people, you need to be open-minded, receptive, and genuine. After making eye contact and shaking hands, you need to introduce yourself properly. It's really simple and just takes a little practice. Start by smiling and saying hi, then say your name and something like "nice to meet you..." while repeating their name. Repeating their name will help you remember it.

If you feel a little awkward doing this, practice introducing yourself in private, or with your family and close friends. Ask for guidance from your support group on ways to improve.

This rounds out the best way to handle yourself when meeting new people. The next part of this post will focus on habits that likable people seem to always display towards others. These habits could be the reason these people have so many friends.

Habits of Likable People

Columbus OH Drug RehabOne thing that surprises people the most is learning that being likable is totally under their control. The misconception comes from thinking that to be likable, one must be good looking, outrageous, have a lot of money, or some other ridiculous trait. The reality is, that to be liked by people, all it takes is something called EQ, or emotional intelligence.

A research study on likability, from UCLA, found that out of 500 adjectives thought to be significant to likability, the top rated ones were sincerity, transparency, and having the capacity for understanding other people. These highly rated adjectives, and a few others, are the epitome of having high functioning emotional intelligence.

Here's how these adjectives translate into likable behaviors. If someone you know has a problem with addiction, get them the Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol treatment they deserve. Call Legacy Freedom to learn more.

Engaging and Attention

People that are liked by others engage their friends and give them their attention instead of constantly being distracted. This means putting their phones away and focusing in on having conversations that do not involve text messages or some sort of chat function. Nothing will turn people off more than constantly being shunned by the constant buzzing, beeping, and interruptions that your phone can bring.

So when you meet new people, or are hanging out with your established friends, put your phone down and build meaningful relationships with the people you enjoy being around.

Asking Questions and Listening

Another important behavior that likable people constantly display is asking lots of questions and listening to the answers. Asking questions is important. This shows your counterpart that you are interested in what they do, how their day has gone, and them in general. Try to stick to open-ended questions as well. The key is listening to their answers, and not trying to focus on what you're going to say next.

Active listening skills takes some practice and focus, but it can be done if you're dedicated on learning this important element. When listening, engage your whole body. Be sure to look your friend in the eyes, nod in response instead of interrupting, and wait your turn to speak.

Keep an Open Mind and Don't Pass Judgment

Columbus OH Drug RehabLikable people are also seemingly very open-minded. This makes them more approachable and interesting to other people with different views. Having a conversation with someone who has already formed an opinion is just not appealing for most people, so it is important to avoid being closed-minded. That being said, you don't have to believe in what they believe in, or even condone certain behaviors, but you should keep an open mind and not pass judgement.

When you are being judgmental, other people can sense it. Even if you try to hide your judgment by smiling, your negative feelings can come out in your body language. This can give you away and the other person will know that you've formed a poor opinion of them or their beliefs. To avoid this, you need to stop seeing things as being either good or bad, as not every situation is black and white. Understand that each person is different, therefore they have different opinions, will make different choices, and even make different mistakes.

We hope the tips we've laid out for you in the last two posts will help you realize that you can be likable and make new friends. All it takes is a little practice and dedication to improving your social skills. If you're looking for help with substance abuse, keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom can help you and your family.

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