How Technology Can Hurt Your Recovery, continued

drug treatment in columbus OHThanks for joining us for part two in our discussion about how technology can actually hinder your recovery from substance abuse. If you're just now joining us, we suggest you go back and read over part one. It gave us an overview of the different types of bad tech, how we can become too attached, and other tidbits.

Part two will delve deeper into more negative ways technology affects addiction recovery. Do you, or someone you know, need drug treatment in Columbus OH? Make Legacy Freedom your first choice for help. Call our Columbus facility today to learn more.

More Ways Tech Hurts Your Recovery

Personal Interaction Barrier - The digital age has seemingly lessened the need for personal interaction with lots of people. However, this form of communicating is not the same as talking in person with your friends and family. Yes, people have been talking on the phone for decades, but texting and social media is all nonverbal. It can be hard to really interpret a person's tone over text or on a screen, and this can lead to miscommunication, hurt feelings, and possible arguments. Talking to someone, face-to-face, allows you develop stronger relationships by building trust and getting to know one another on a more personal level.

Misleading and Other Bad Information - The internet is full of great information. It's a valuable resource that we just cannot live without. That being said, sometimes the stuff you read online can be detrimental to the recovering addict. For instance, you might find advice that you think is OK, but it's either from non-licensed professionals or doesn't even apply to your situation. This misleading information might lead you back into a situation that can risk relapse.

Negative Influences - There are also lots of positive places for finding support and online resources that can help you through your addiction recovery. There are also lots of negative influences as well. You can actually have to deal with these same negative influences in person but they seem to happen less frequently than what you find on the internet. The internet breeds "online trolls." These people go out of their way to attack and demean any individual they think they can get a rise out of. These internet bullies find joy in making others feel terrible. This negative attention can lead to a high risk relapse situation. Just be careful with who, and where, you interact with online personalities. If you find someone being too overly negative, try to block them or move on to another website.

Breeds Isolation - For some, diving deep into an online world can seem like an easy escape from the problems of the real one. You can pick and choose who you communicate with and there's a virtual support group somewhere online 24 hours a day. This can lead to isolation from communicating with people in person. People need to interact, isolation can breed depression and other negative thoughts. Do not stop attending group sessions and make the most out of your therapy by interacting and talking with others about your experience. Furthermore, get outside and get some fresh air, meet some new people, socialize and have some fun.

As you can see, technology can really have some detrimental effects when it comes to you maintaining your sobriety and moving forward with recovery. However, not all technology is bad. Be sure to visit back with our blog soon to read about how technology can actually be helpful.

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