A Deeper Understanding of Holistic Approaches to Drug Recovery

Drug Rehab Charlotte: Understanding Holistic Recovery Approaches

As with every health condition, decreasing stress and boosting one's immunity and psychological resilience can help the body cope better, heal more quickly, and maintain health. A holistic approach to drug recovery encourages the patient to include healing strategies that support the whole person.

Our drug rehab in Charlotte has found that there are many healing modalities that offer specific benefits related to withdrawal and relapse prevention. These modes of care can help to reduce the tension, anxiety, depression and insomnia that comes with drug recovery. It can also help with improving overall mental, physical and spiritual well being. They also provide tools that help increase control over one's behavior in positive ways.

For the best chance of success, our drug rehab in Charlotte has listed a few healing approaches to help with drug recovery, below. While these approaches won't help solely on their own, they will aid other recovery recourses and rehabilitation treatment programs offered by Legacy Freedom.

  • Herbal Therapy - Herbs are natural botanical substances that have effects on the body. Many herbs have long been used in detoxification. Among the herbs currently being studied are ginseng for its effect on drug tolerance and dependence, kudzu for its potential to moderate alcohol abuse, kava and valerian to treat the insomnia that accompanies withdrawal, and milk thistle to improve liver function.
  • Hypnosis - Hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness that creates an openness to learning. This state of focused attention and concentration can be induced by yourself or by a therapist. Hypnosis can be used as part of a total recovery program by re-enforcing ideas and suggestions compatible with a person's goals, and can help clients reach their goals in more rapid, reliable and safe ways.
  • Meditation - There are many different types of meditation which all work to quiet the mind and promote relaxation and mental clarity. In particular, studies have shown Transcendental Meditation's (TM) effectiveness in reducing the rate of relapse. In addition to reducing tension and anxiety, TM may also enhance a sense of control in anxiety-provoking situations that strengthens the long-term resistance to stress.
  • Nutrition - How we eat can have a powerful effect on how we feel and how well our bodies function. Diet and nutritional supplementation can strengthen our immune systems, improve mood, enhance the natural process of detoxification, and restore the body to a healthy,balanced functioning level.

For more information from our drug rehab in Charlotte on holistic recovery approaches, be sure to visit back with us soon. In the meantime, feel free to contact Legacy Freedom with any questions or concerns you may have.

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