A Holistic Approach to Drug Recovery

Drug Rehab Charlotte: Holistic Approaches to Recovery

As drug and alcohol addictions have become all too common, treatments for recovery at our drug rehab in Charlotte have become a mix of traditional and holistic programs designed to help addicts both as individuals and within a group. There are many alternative ways to find recovery, like yoga, meditation, equine therapy, and more.

Holistic treatments are a newly developed type of recovery therapy that many drug rehab centers have adapted. Below, you’ll find four holistic ways to help fight drug addictions.

Drug Rehab Charlotte | Exercise Your Mind

According to addictionandrecovery.org, “Your brain is where the mind’s thoughts come from, but really your mind, and your thoughts, are your choice. There are many ways to care for the mind that guides your thoughts and subsequent behaviors and overall attitude. Making good choices each day can steer your brain away from negative and toxic thoughts that lead to drug abuse in the first place.”

Instead of watching TV during recovery, find a good book to read. Do anything you can to exercise brain muscles so that you can outsmart your thoughts. With the proper tools and training, you’ll be able to say no to all thoughts that lead to drinking or doing drugs.

Exercise Your Body

Physical exercise is essential:

  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Playing sports
  • Lifting weights

Find an activity that helps you enjoy physical activity. You’re more likely to make an effort to workout if you’re enjoying it. Make sure to engage in this activity at least three times a week to help motivate your mind and body to steer clear of drugs or alcohol.

Most addicts spend years with substance abuse issues. During that time the body and mind weakens. It’s important to gain back strength through a routine of physical activity. Though the activities might feel foreign and difficult at first, health, happiness, and sustained recovery will happen, in the long run.

For more information on holistic approaches to drug and alcohol recovery, be sure to visit back with our drug rehab in Charlotte blog, soon. We will talk further about recovery and how to understand it. In the meantime, contact Legacy Freedom with any questions or concerns you may have about drug treatment rehabilitation or substance abuse. Our counselors are standing by to talk with you at your convenience.

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