What Makes the Holistic Approach Different?

To understand what makes the holistic approach different, one must first understand what it entails. Buddha said “To keep the body in good health is a duty, for otherwise we shall not be able to trim the lamp of wisdom, and keep our mind strong and clear.”  This encapsulates holistic treatment and healing. It focuses on treating the patient’s mind, body and soul and seeing them as a person with needs, rather than a person with a mental illness. At Legacy Freedom, we understand the importance of treating the whole person and not just the illness with quality Raleigh mental health services that you'll not find anywhere else!

By offering our clients the chance to combine traditional talk therapy with alternative therapies like acupuncture, sound therapy, or equine therapy, we give them the opportunity to grow and learn about themselves and manage their mental illness in new and challenging ways.

Many people think that holistic treatments and alternative medicine are the same thing. However, with holism, illness and injury are the result of disharmony in the mind, body and spirit. Healing the whole individual is the focus. Legacy Freedom evaluates each patient's needs and preferences and creates a customized treatment plan with wellness, mental health and spiritual health in mind.

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What makes holistic approach different?

  • Focusing on the patient, not the symptoms – With conventional medicine the patient’s feelings and past are often overlooked. The symptoms are resolved, but not the underlying problem causing the symptoms. In holistic healing the person is assessed from head to toe, addressing every need independently to bring harmony to the system.
  • Less invasive, more effective- Some treatments can be very invasive and can cause harm to other parts of your body. With Western medicine, the body is broken up into compartments and treated as such, often by many different doctors. In holistic medicine, the body is one machine, working together. When one gear is not turning correctly, the whole machine is out of balance. Our staff is comprised of therapists, dietitians, life coaches and clinicians to help you feel like you again.
  • Partnership between doctor and patient – A holistic approach is more concerned with what you feel and see. You spend your whole life in your body so you know when something feels wrong. With Western medicine, it is often one sided as the doctor only treats what he sees. The holistic approach puts doctor and patient in a partnership where the goal is healing, well-being and balance. This is an uncommon approach in today’s medical community. Giving patients the opportunity to help direct and guide their care gives patients a sense of freedom and places the focus on the patient's needs and desires.

Utilizing an uncharacteristic approach to mental health therapy allows Legacy Freedom to interact with our patients in a different way than most mental health care centers. Our clients are given choices, options and asked for feedback every step of the way. We work with you to create a care plan that is as unique as you are while treating your mental illness and improving your overall health and well-being. Through our holistic approach, we can include family, friends and loved ones and educate them on your new diagnosis. During support groups, you can engage with people like yourself who are on their own journey to healing. Connecting with the community around you can be both enlightening and empowering in your own therapeutic process.

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Whether you have tried Raleigh mental health services before and were unsuccessful or you believe now is the time to get help, we are here. The journey to living your best life begins with a phone call or the click of a button. Our dedicated and professional staff is ready and waiting to help guide you on your road to healing. Call Legacy of Raleigh NC to learn more.

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