Holiday Triggers

Drug Rehab in Charlotte: Holiday Relapse Triggers

Addiction is an issue that can resurface at any moment, even after drug rehab in Charlotte and years of recovery. Relapse can occur for various reasons, but the most common relapse situations usually occur during stressful situations. Holidays can often be a serious addiction trigger that leads recovering addicts to relapse without them even realizing what might have caused it. Before moving on, be sure to take a look back at our previous blog post.

Dealing with triggers during the holidays can be stressful all alone, despite the stress and chaos that comes with holidays, in general. Below, Legacy Freedom, drug rehab in Charlotte, answers a question that many addicts, as well as their family members have:

What Are the Hidden Struggles/Triggers That Can Lead to Relapse?

Those that are fresh out of drug rehab in Charlotte might still have an active addiction they’re dealing with. Depending on the time spent in rehab, it is possible to only detox during time spent in a facility. When faced with the holidays, addicts spend a great deal of time trying to hide their addiction from friends and family. That can cause serious stress and anxiety issues. In turn, the stress and anxiety might be too much for the addict, causing them to use drugs as a way to relax.

Stress alone, can intensify an addictive behavior, even if the addict has been through extensive Charlotte rehab care and is on the path to recovery. Even completely recovered addicts can have an adverse reaction to holiday stress. Placing an addict in a room with family they haven’t seen in a while or in a room that’s loud and chaotic can lead the addict to think about drug use and how they felt while using.

In addition, being around family and childhood homes can trigger cravings and old behavioral patterns, as well. Especially if there’s family history of drug abuse, remembering the addiction can act as an deceptive trigger for those who are actively recovering or who recovered long ago.

In our next post, we will cover a few strategies to help recovering addicts deal with the holidays, drug-free. For more information, be sure to visit back with us, soon.

Do you, or someone you know, have a substance abuse problem and need drug rehab in Charlotte? It's easy to believe that you are alone. In reality, that's the farthest from the truth. There are numerous others in the world suffering from the same substance abuse issues. Regardless of how bad drug or alcohol use has become, help is always available. Contact Legacy Freedom for help. We are here to help you get on track to a healthier, happier life.

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