Holiday Triggers and Challenges

Most addicts in recovery have a hard time dealing with the stressors of the holidays. In particular, alcoholics and patients that are new to recovery find these times the most challenging. Why is this? Well, there are a lot of reasons. In this post we hope to touch on some of the reasons why the holidays are a bittersweet time of the year for some and offer some ideas to help you get through them. At our alcohol and drug rehab Columbus OH facility for outpatient therapy, we know how tough the holidays can be for those currently in recovery, or starting a new journey into sobriety. At Legacy Freedom, our holistic treatments will teach you how to cope with life again, but in a positive way. Call us today to learn more.

For starters, throughout the world, alcohol is socially acceptable during the holidays, more so than any other time of the year. You'll find all sorts of alcoholic gifts, recipes and blog posts; you'll also be invited to holiday parties where lots of people will be drinking. You might even be spending time with your family where other problem drinkers will be in attendance. For many, it seems that the holidays and heavy drinking just go hand in hand.
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Being a sober alcoholic and being around heavy drinkers that you might not have to face throughout the rest of the year can cause stress and tension. You'll probably encounter a few HFAs along the way. Whether they're in your family, or office, try not to antagonize anyone that is drinking and just be prepared to deal with the situation. If you're currently dealing with substance abuse and are considered to be a sober HFA, trying to dodge drinks will inevitably be challenging, and some situations will be hard to navigate.

Here are a few tips to help you through the next few weeks.

  • Have an escape plan ready. Make sure to bring your own vehicle or figure out what types of public transportation will be available near your event. This will ensure that you can leave if you are feeling a trigger, stress, uncomfortable or become tempted to drink.
  • If you are going to meetings, or attend a support group, ask another sober person in your group to be your on-call support. Explain that you might need to check in with them during the event for additional support.
  • You can never have too much support, so also let a trustworthy friend at the holiday event know that you may need additional help during this occasion or time of year. They'll admire your bravery.
  • To avoid drink offers, make sure you find a tasty non-alcoholic beverage to sip on. This will give you something to hold and could prevent a few trigger situations.
  • Practice your standard response as to why you are not drinking. You can be honest if you feel comfortable with people knowing your situation or you could say something like "I am on medication and cannot have alcohol," or "I am the designated driver tonight," etc.
  • Pick and choose your events. You do not have to be a people pleaser and attend everything. You have control over these situations and have the power to avoid the most stressful, so do that.

An Alcohol and Drug Rehab Columbus OH Facility That Cares

For a caring and nurturing alcohol and drug rehab Columbus OH facility please consider calling Legacy Freedom. We take a holistic approach at our outpatient treatment center to get you healed. Call us today and start your journey to sobriety! We can actually help you get your life back.

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