Holiday Triggers

drug treatment in Charlotte NCMost people who enter drug treatment in Charlotte NC are already burdened by the consequences of drug usage. Addiction is a serious problem that can cause issues in every aspect of life; relationships, careers, and more. In addition to dependency and life issues, drugs can also cause many serious problems in mental and physical health.

While addicts don’t think about the health problems that come with addiction during their experimental days of drug use, becoming aware of all that can happen, mentally and physically, during addiction can help individuals fully grasp the overall effects of addiction and also help solidify recovery.

Most times, only drug treatment in Charlotte NC can help individuals dealing with substance abuse issues fully understand why recovering from addiction is the only way to lead a happy and healthy life.

Holiday Triggers | Drug Treatment in Charlotte NC

During the holidays, addiction triggers are all around. Holidays in general are stressful and chaotic. Traveling, gift-giving or receiving, and dealing with rather complicated family issues can overwhelm recovering addicts to the point of needing a direct coping mechanism. These triggers are hard to avoid, as spending time with family is considered mandatory during the holidays. There is, however, a way for recovering addicts to deal with the struggles of the holidays and steer clear of triggers in the process.

Using the knowledge you gained during drug treatment in Charlotte NC is a great way to distract yourself from triggers. Remembering all of the mental and physical issues you had during addiction can be a great line of defense.

Below, Legacy Freedom goes over a few questions and answers that will hopefully help recovering addicts combat triggers before they end up causing a relapse over the holidays.

Why Are Holidays Difficult For Addicts?

As we mentioned above, holidays are stressful, overwhelming and chaotic, and that holds true even for those not dealing with addiction recovery. Holiday pressures are felt by all. For addicts, the issues are the same but intensified.

Financial issues, family complications, feeling frenzied and more, tend to be the root of addiction for a lot of addicts. These problems are the beginning of drug use and abuse. Confronting these problems again, over the holidays, might be too much for the individual who is recovering.

Especially if the recovering addict hasn’t spent time in drug treatment in Charlotte NC or confided in a therapist, relapse potential can be great.  Research shows that stress can bring long-dormant behavior back to surface, which should serve as a warning to substance abusers.

Even more, recovering addicts that don’t have stable family or friends during the holidays tend to feel alone and isolated. This too, can be a trigger in itself. Shame and boredom tend to creep in and drive addicts to act on their impulse to use drugs.

Holiday addiction triggers are serious issues that can get to even the most successful recoverers. To talk more about dealing with addiction triggers during the holidays, visit back with us soon. We will answer another question that many have during the holidays: What hidden struggles can intensify during a trigger relapse?

If you or someone you know need drug treatment in Charlotte NC, feel free to contact Legacy Freedom to talk with one of our councilors about drug rehab and how it can help you.

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