Holiday Stress

Drug Rehab Charlotte NCHave you just finished drug rehab in Charlotte, right before the holidays? Have you been recovering from a drug or alcohol problem for a while, but are still worried about how the holidays are going to go this year? During the holidays, addiction triggers are all around. Holidays in general can be stressful and chaotic.

Holiday Stress | Drug Rehab Charlotte

Traveling, gift-giving or receiving, and dealing with rather complicated family issues can overwhelm recovering addicts to the point of needing a direct coping mechanism. These triggers are hard to avoid, as spending time with family is considered mandatory during the holidays. Being prepared to face the holidays as a recovering addict is the most important strategy that will help you survive the holidays without any relapse issues. It's no secret that holidays are serious triggers for recovering addicts, whether the addict is fresh off drugs or has been in recovery for years. The stress of gift buying and receiving and anxiety of seeing family all together in one place can often get the best of you. Taking time to prepare for that stress and anxiety can help you overcome those feelings. Don’t try to “wing it” during the holidays. Families tend to ask a lot of questions when they’re together. Though they mean well, it can make recovering addicts feel uncomfortable. One way to prepare for those questions is to practice a few appropriate answers. Try to anticipate what questions they might ask.  Also, prepare yourself for the fact that you don’t have to oblige them with answers that you don’t feel comfortable giving. Recovery is a journey that takes time, practice, patience, and understanding. It’s also something that can’t be easily explained to someone who has never lived it. While you can’t guarantee how the situation will go during the holidays, being prepared will help you tame your body and brain’s natural stress responses. Being prepared can help you manage the holidays without feeling the need to turn to drugs or alcohol. For more tips on surviving the holidays after drug rehab in Charlotte, during your journey to recovery, visit back with our blog soon. We offer a few ways to help you deal with triggers and situations that might be uncomfortable and stressful.

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