When Holiday Drinking Becomes a Problem

Wilmington alcohol rehab centerThe holidays are a time of celebrations with family, friends and colleagues. The food is in abundance and the drinks flow steadily. Most people indulge a little more around Thanksgiving and Christmas, whether it’s eating unhealthy foods or drinking. Then they vow to cut back in the new year. However, for some, things can become a problem if things become too excessive, especiall drinking.

During the holidays, the rules are a little more relaxed. You may find yourself drinking earlier in the day at a work party, or drinking during the week. It’s all a part of the holiday cheer. It’s not a problem if it doesn’t get too excessive and you don’t do things you regret. But it can become a problem quickly if your indulgence becomes more frequent and you start to turn to drinking when you’re not at a party or in a social situation.

Here are a few telltale signs that your holiday drinking may be turning into a problem:

- You binge drink, which is when you have more than three or four drinks in an hour.
- You start drinking earlier in the day, like with lunch.
- You encourage others to continue drinking with you even after they’ve said they’re done.
- You make sure alcohol is available at every function you attend.
- You get aggressive when drinking and get into fights.
- You make inappropriate advances towards the opposite sex.
- You drink so much you fall down or black out.
- You wake up and aren’t sure where you are.
- Your family or friends have shown concern over your drinking.
- You get defensive if someone mentions your drinking.

If you exhibit some of these behaviors, it doesn’t mean that you’re on the road to becoming an alcoholic but you may want to assess the situation by asking yourself a few questions, such as:

- Do you think about drinking when you’re in a situation where it would be inappropriate to drink?
- Has your drinking resulted in problems at work, school or with family?
- Have you gotten into legal or financial trouble because of drinking?
- Have you not gone into work or school because you had been drinking the night before?
- Have your family and friends expressed concern over your drinking?
- Have you blacked out or lost periods of time due to drinking?
- Do you have difficulty concentrating?
- Have your sleep patterns changed?

Answering yes to several of these questions could indicate that your drinking has become a problem. You should talk to your physician, a counselor or call an alcohol abuse treatment center to discuss your concerns.

If your excessive drinking is only limited to the holiday season, you can avoid any potential problems by trying to limit how often you go out for drinks and how much you drink each night. Suggest other activities that don’t involve drinking such as shopping for gifts, driving to see Christmas lights or going out for hot cocoa at a coffee shop. You can enjoy the holidays without drinking.

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