Understanding Hoarding

Mental Health Therapist In Asheville, NCOften, we label our spouses, parents or ourselves hoarders. Mainly, it's because we tend to hold on to things that are no longer needed. One might keep children's clothing stored away for sentimental reasons. Others might be collectors of antiques, rustic items, or vintage farm tools. Either way, having a large collection of things that aren't needed might be labeled as hoarding. Hoarding is not the same as collecting for a hobby or keeping things for sentimental reasons though. If you're searching for a mental health therapist in Asheville, NC, call Legacy Freedom.

Hoarding is a mental disorder that is very misunderstood. Those who have hoarding disorder are unable to get rid of anything that they consider a possession, important, or as having value. They collect and keep so many things that it begins to disrupt their lives, homes, and work.

Hoarding can consist of many different compulsive actions. One might have trouble keeping themselves from purchasing things when they're on sale. They may buy 20 bottles of ketchup or spend $600 on paper towels. They may have a compulsive need to collect items that are free. They might also have a compulsive issue with searching for unique items. Many times, these unique items are old containers, glass bottles or things that are not unique to others.

Those who hoard items have a severe inability to throw away anything they consider their possessions. Because these things have value to them, they cannot part with them for any reason. Unfortunately, these possessions can pile up in ways that prevent them from living normally. They may not be able to sit on their living room furniture because it is stacked full of their unique items. One might not be able to walk through their home due to massive amounts of old containers, newspapers stacked everywhere, cardboard boxes, food or clothing.

Once a hoarder becomes attached to items, they have severe anxiety and often panic when considering or talking about throwing items away. Even when they think that items will be donated to a good cause, they still have major anxiety and cannot part with them.

Holistic, alternative therapies are a great way to fight hoarding. We offer group and individual therapy that is personalized to fit the needs of the individual. Working with a counselor and getting to know others with these conditions can be helpful.

To learn more about this disorder be sure to visit our next blog post. There,  you'll find more information that can help you understand hoarding and how it can affect people.

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