It’s Finally Hip to Be Sober

columbus OH alcohol rehabFor decades, there has been a big misconception about those who choose to live a sober lifestyle. But have things started to turn around? Thanks to a couple of new movements happening in a few of the most stylish cities in the U.S., a new outlook on sobriety has started to take hold.

Over the course of the next few posts, we're going to be talking about why it's hip to be sober, and give you some ideas on cool activities that you can take part in. If you or a loved one needs our Columbus OH alcohol rehab and drug treatment services, just know that our friendly staff is ready to answer any questions you might have. Please call Legacy Freedom of Columbus today.

Why It's Hip to Be Sober

A New York event called Daybreaker has been making its way around the sober scene for several months, and it's being publicized all over the web for its creative event ideas. This drug and alcohol free event is now bringing pre-dawn dance parties to big cities all over the world. For those that love an early morning workout, this event will give you just what you're looking for, without the dreaded hangover. You'll be able to get your socialization and dancing fix before work. Check out their website for an event near you.

Another really cool concept is an alternative to the bar crawl. The Juice Crawl, started by a group in New York called Clean Fun, is becoming all the rage. The event has gotten so much positive press that it was even covered by The New York Times!

With all these great ideas that are in touch with today's young people, why not use it for your own inspiration to start a sober social activity? Be sure to join us for part two in this series where we give you some great ideas of fun and sober activities that you can take part in. When you need help, or find out a loved one has addiction issues, please make the call to our sincere and caring staff as soon as possible. Keep reading to see how Legacy can help.

Hip and Holistic Columbus OH Alcohol Rehab Center | Legacy Freedom

If you're considering getting treatment for an alcohol problem, give us a call at our Columbus OH alcohol rehab center. There is no reason to be afraid to get help. Our caring admissions counselors can answer any questions you may have about our holistic therapy options. These outpatient programs are designed to let you continue to work, go to school, or meet family holiday obligations. Call us today to discuss the many treatment options we offer at Legacy Freedom. We want to be a part of your recovery from addiction.

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